For 15 years, has always been about content. CD news, release dates, artist interviews … without all the bells and whistles. It’s never been flashy, but hey, at least the content caught the attention of Entertainment Weekly.

However, one day recently, I happened upon a comment from someone who was asking if there was a good website to find out when an album is coming out. Someone suggested (yes!!); the other person visited the site and said he liked all the CD news … but he said the site “looked like crap.”

That’s all I needed to hear. It was time for to look good while presenting that content.

Better late than never.

I turned to my friend and former newspaper colleague, Michelle Greene, at Rough & Ready Media. She now designs websites for a living. I gave her the challenge of making over, and today we unveil the results.

I love it! She did a fabulous job.

It’s slick. It’s modern. It’s not overly flashy. And it’s still centered on content.

I hope you’ll love it, too … or at least learn to love it.

If you see anything out of place or missing, let me know. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of, less of or not at all, let me know. Be kind, be gentle.

If you have bookmarked our main CD-release page in the past, you might have to change it to the new URL.

It’s our 15th year, and we’re aiming for 15 more … and then some.