Updates / Additions (as of Sept. 24, 2016) … this will be updated throughout the day as new releases come in, so check back frequently:

New Releases

“Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence,” Cherub – Oct. 14

“Long Live the Rebels,” Disciple – Oct. 14

“Wrapped Up In Your Arms for Christmas,” Exile – Oct. 21

“Babes Never Die,” Honeyblood – Oct. 28

“Little Bit of Love,” The Loving Mary Band – Oct. 28

“I’m Yours,” Pixie Geldof – Nov. 4

“CVLT [AS FVK],” Death Valley High – Nov. 4

“NOW That’s What I Call Music! 60,” various artists – Nov. 4

“Summer Is Gone,” Bobby Bazini – Nov. 11

“We’re Not in Kansas Anymore,” Bobby Kimball – Nov. 18

“Okay,” As It Is – Jan. 20


“For Twisted Minds Only,” Horse – Oct. 14

“The New Sound of Maria Callas,” Maria Callas – new release date, Nov. 4

“God’s Balls (Deluxe Edition),” “Salt Lick (Deluxe Edition),” “8-Way Santa (Deluxe Edition),” TAD – Nov. 4

“NOW Country #1s,” various artists – Nov. 4

“One More Song / Randy Meisner,” Randy Meisner – Nov. 18

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