Pseudopod weathers the storm

Kevin Carlberg, singer-guitarist for the jam band Pseudopod, was understandably nervous about revisiting Colorado recently. His last trip there was scary, to say the least. When the Southern California band arrived in Fort Collins last November for a show, Carlberg began experiencing a painful headache that only got worse as

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Q&A with Pseudopod

MEMBERS: Kevin Carlberg (vocals, guitar), Brian Fox (bass), Ross Grant (guitar), Tim McGregor (drums). HOMETOWN: Los Angeles. ALBUM: “Pseudopod” (Interscope; release date: Aug. 13, 2002). THE SOUND: Jam rock, in the tradition of Blues Traveler and Dave Matthews Band. PRODUCER: Paul Ebersold (3 Doors Down, Sister Hazel). FIRST SINGLE: “Intentions.” OTHER TRACKS: “Never Mind the Matter,”

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