Spring has already sprung. We saw a great total eclipse. Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have graced us with new music, and Record Store Day is right around the corner. Now’s a good time to visit some ReverbNation-affiliated artists who have new releases out now or have new releases coming up.

We received nearly 1,000 submissions from artists seeking to be included on Pauseandplay.com’s new release roundup. Here it is: our spring edition. Show them some love.

Sophia Gonzon

Boca Raton, FL

“Safe” (10 songs; Hear here; Sophia Gonzon, Oct. 25, 2024)

Mel Senese

Chicago, IL

“Melonade” (Hear here; Mel Senese)

Doug DeJoe

Gig Harbor, WA

“Sacred Ground and Holy Water” (Hear here; Doug DeJoe)

Ebb & Nova

Baltimore, MD

“Far Away” (Hear here; Ebb & Nova)


Los Angeles, CA

“Detox (Acapella Version)” (Hear here; God Like Recording)

The Eiffels

Los Angeles, CA

“Beautiful Life” (three-song EP; Hear here; earthprogram)

Jermone the Singer

London, UK

“Stay With Me” (Hear here; 6560214 Records DK)

Doxter S

McLean, VA

“Automatic” (Hear here; Doxter S)

Ships Have Sailed

Los Angeles, CA

“Walking Into Walls” (Hear here; Ships Have Sailed)

Healthy Junkies

London, UK

“Desire” (Hear here; Healthy Junkies)


Ziano Piacentino, EMI, IT

“And Once the Storm is Over” (Hear here; Orzorock Music)

Mary Sarah

Franklin, TN

“Stubborn” and “CHAIN SMOKIN'” (Hear here; 144 Entertainment LLC)

Gabe Lopez

Los Angeles, CA

“High 4 U” (Hear here; Red Queen Music-Sound Axis)


Vancouver, BC, CA

“Hugs” (Hear here; Aberrant Avenue)

Robbie Rapids

Norcross, GA

“Fishing the River” (Hear here; Mosspit Records)

Baker & Chambers

Frederick, MD

“A Dream That Soars the Sky” (27 songs; Hear here; Baker & Chambers)

Alex Shechtman

Be’er Sheva, IL

“Radio Dana – Cat Blues” (Hear here; Alex Shechtman)

Satico Satellite

Miami, FL

“Innocence” (Hear here; Slumshine Records)

Brett Ryder

Atlanta, GA

“Come Along” (Hear here; Ryder Records LLC)

Sour Station

Levittown, PA

“In My Solitude (I’ll Sway Alone)” (Hear here; Sour Station)

Chris Barclay

Auckland, NZ

“Las Vegas Alien” (Hear here; Chris Barclay)


Orange Park, FL

“Only X” (14 songs; Hear here; Purplespace)

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