originates from St. Petersburg, Fla. This is your definitive place for album release dates. Now on with the countdown … a list of future and recent albums, EPs and singles from ReverbNation-connected bands and solo acts. Listen up!

MAY 26, 2015

KIM KILLSPEED (Sydney alt-indie band)
“Ultrasound” (five-song EP; ReverbNation; Recordhead Productions, May 30)

MAY 19, 2015

ADVENT HORIZON (Salt Lake City-area rock quartet)
“Stagehound” (ReverbNation)


THIS WAY TO THE EGRESS (Bethlehem, Pa., alt-rock band)
“Great Balancing Act” (producer: Roger Greenawalt; ReverbNation)

MAY 5, 2015

CHILDREN MEDIEVAL BAND (preteen rock trio from San Diego)
“Treasure Underground” (ReverbNation; May 4)


DEADMAN’S GAMBIT (South Florida hard-rock group)
“Unconscious and Bleeding” (ReverbNation; Hellbent Productions)


J ELIZABETH HARDGES (Christian/gospel singer from Newark, N.J.)
“Stand Strong” (ReverbNation)


FELICIA PUNZO (Philly dance-pop singer)
“Sound My Heart Makes (Remixes)” (15 versions; ReverbNation; Panache Entertainment Group, May 8)


YOKAS B. (New Jersey hip-hop artist Yokas Boslarelli)
“Curse of a Graham” (ReverbNation)

APRIL 28, 2015

BETTY MOON (Eninco, Calif.-based alt-rock singer)
“Drink Your Fears Away” (ReverbNation; Evolver Music Inc.)


DYLAN CHAMBERS AND THE MIDNIGHT TRANSIT (Petaluma, Calif., funk-rock quartet; Chambers is the son of Lester Chambers, frontman of the 1960s rock group The Chambers Brothers)
“Here Is Our EP” (ReverbNation; Midnight Transit Productions, April 27)


GIFFORDS LANE (Marlboro, N.J., teen rock quartet)
“Rock n Roll Soul” (ReverbNation; May 1)


RAUCHENSTEIN (San Antonio hard-rock quintet)
“Over” (ReverbNation; May 1)


SNAPDRAGON (pop/AC band from Cape Town, South Africa)
“Sweet Irony” (producer: Jo Ellis; first single: “Sweet Irony”; ReverbNation; MondoTunes, May 1)

APRIL 21, 2015

COSBY (synth-pop trio from Richmond, Va.)
“Summer Gold” (five-song EP; ReverbNation)


THE EIFFELS (L.A. synth-rock trio)
“I’m Ready” (ReverbNation)

APRIL 14, 2015

JAY BUGGS (Houston hip-hop artist)
“For Real! – EP” (four songs; new single also available: “Mindstate,” released April 27; ReverbNation)


CRISTINA F (New York pop singer)
“The EP” (five songs; ReverbNation; April 12)


EDEN’S CURSE (multinational melodic metal band from Bishopton, U.K.)
“Live with the Curse” (20-song live album, recorded in Glasgow in November 2014; ReverbNation; AFM)


OLYA (Brooklyn-based synth-pop singer-songwriter)
“Lift Me Up” (her new EP, “Utopia,” is scheduled for release in June; ReverbNation, April 16)

APRIL 7, 2015

JIMMY HABER (Orlando rock musician; he was a founding member of the pop-punk band Degenerates)
“Joy Acid Pact” (ReverbNation; Bad Sun, April 10)


MIDNIGHT KAHUNA (island rocker from Hialeah, Fla.)
“Threshold” (ReverbNation; Savage Patty, April 5)


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