All across the ReverbNation, there are new releases every week. Through its partnership with the popular online artist services company, brings you a list of future and recent releases from ReverbNation-connected bands and solo acts. Listen up!

MAY 5, 2015

MILLION DOLLAR FREEZE (Macon, Ga., hip-hop/rap artist)
“New Jack City (Nino)” (ReverbNation; So4-Real “Luxurious” The Label)

APRIL 28, 2015

SEAN HOUSTON (pop-rock singer from Melbourne, Australia)
“Dark Passenger” (ReverbNation; May 1)

APRIL 21, 2015

MILAN CHRISTOPHER (Beverly Hills, Calif.-based hip-hop/pop artist)
“Fuq Iz Yu Thinkn” (ReverbNation; M.C.T.M.A., April 20)


DAVID SEYER (Guadalajara, Mexico-based dance producer, singer and DJ)
“Ecstasy” (guests: Niza, Carolina Huerta, Montse Fabregat, Yaidzu Nakashima, Marissa Manzano, Cristina León, etc.; new single: “All About Me”; ReverbNation)


SLEEP SKEE (Pittsburgh rapper)
“Unleashed” (guests: Locust, Juice; ReverbNation; GWOP4Entertainment, April 20)

APRIL 14, 2015

RICHIE “ACE HIGH” ACEVEDO (Seattle hip-hop artist)
“Space Ships and Paper Planes” (six-song EP; ReverbNation; Deck of Aces / One Famm Music Group)


AUDIO NATION (Reykjavík rock quartet)
“We’re Alright” (ReverbNation)


CELESTE BUCKINGHAM (Nashville pop singer)
“Unpredictable” (ReverbNation; Buckingham Entertainment Group)


SHAUN CANON (Salt Lake City pop artist, former “American Idol” contestant)
“My Superpower” (ReverbNation; Four32 Productions, April 17)


MERESHA (West Palm Beach pop-dance artist)
“new revolution” (four-song EP; ReverbNation)

APRIL 7, 2015

CHANTELLE BARRY (Australia-born indie pop singer/actress based in Manhattan Beach, Calif.; formerly in the group Bardot, which won “POPSTARS Australia” in 2000)
“One Step Closer” (ReverbNation; Rich Gypsy Music, April 9)


THE BUDDZ (Bristol, Tenn., rock quartet)
“Bring Me Down” (feat. Gabriel Garcia; ReverbNation; April 6)


EMMA CONSTANCE (Norwich, U.K., R&B/soul singer)
“Feel the Light” (ReverbNation; April 10)


SHANE GUERRETTE (18-year-old singer-songwriter from Latham, N.Y.)
“All For You” (ReverbNation)


DJ BUDDY HOLLY (Shingle Springs, Calif., DJ, remixer and producer; Berklee College of Music graduate)
“Solo Guitar Styles” (ReverbNation; DJ Buddy Holly / Interscope Digital Distribution, April 5)


SIDE FX & KIM CAMERON (Miami Beach dance band)
“Carnival of Baggage Riddler Remixes” (ReverbNation; IndiGoBoom, April 9)

MARCH 31, 2015

LONNY RAY (Detroit-area country singer-songwriter)
“That Summer Again” (ReverbNation; Copper 1 Music)


STATE LINE SYNDICATE (Sherman Oaks, Calif., pop-punk trio)
“Go Back to the 90’s” (ReverbNation; April 1)


YULIANNA (L.A. singer)
“True Love” (ReverbNation; Zvon Entertainment LLC)

MARCH 24, 2015

KENDRA BARRY (Nevada singer)
“Damn I’m Good” (ReverbNation; Tate Music Group, March 25)


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