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Published on November 24th, 2015 | by Gerry Galipault


ReverbNation Release Dates (Nov. 27 and Beyond)

A daunting task: poring over more than 3,700 submissions from ReverbNation-affiliated artists seeking to be included on’s massive CD-release list.

But hey, we’re up to the task. Bring it on.

Nov. 27, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
BLOW_FLYY (Canadian hip-hop artist) “Born to Dream” (Hear here) (BLOW_FLYY, Nov. 30)
Left Wing Fascists (rock/punk/comedy act from Norfolk, Va.) “Oxymoron” (Hear here) (Left Wing Fascists)
Gravity Unknown (Virginia Beach rock band) “Still Unknown Vol. 1” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Gravity Unknown)
Space Taxi (Barcelona alt-rock band) “Cheeney Bear and the Spaceman” (Hear here) (Space Taxi)

Dec. 4, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Kalado (Kingston reggae artist) “Wet Dream” (Hear here) (Dunwell Productions)
Matt Lande (Portland, Ore., alt-rock artist) “Glow” (Hear here) (, Dec. 1)
Primo Nelson (funk-soul group from Southend-On-Sea, U.K.) “Jazzhouse” (guest: Marky Only; Hear here) (Khandha)

Dec. 11, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Diana Catherine (roots-rock artist from Sarasota, Fla.) “Gossip in the Devil’s Radio” (producer: Bud Snyder; guests: Damon Fowler, the late Dan Toler, Pedro Arevalo, husband Berry Duane Oakley; Hear here) (Diana Catherine, Dec. 15)
MsTish! (Christian/gospel artist from Memphis) “Spirit & Truth” (Hear here) (Angelic Productions)

Dec. 18, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Buried Cities (Austin punk-rock band) “The Good Fight” (Hear here) (Drunken Ship)

Dec. 25, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Steven Cooper (hip-hop/pop artist based in Kansas City, Mo.) “One Shot” (guests: DJ Lee, Patrick Lentz, Duncan Burnett, J. Cotti, Jocef Michael; Hear here) (Unlabeled Records)

Jan. 8, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
My Dear Addiction (Swedish melodic metalcore band) “Kill the Silence” (first single: “Beautiful”; MP3; Hear here; See here) (Dead End Exit)

Jan. 29, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Daniel Amedee (New Orleans folk-rock singer-songwriter) “Everything Will Change” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Daniel Amedee, Feb. 2)


Nov. 20, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Brixton Saint (Wilmington, Delaware, reggae band) “Delafornia” (Hear here) (Green Eyed Lion)
CJ Fluharty (Jacksonville singer-songwriter) “Every Night & Every Day” (Hear here) (CJ Fluharty, Nov. 17)
David Peebles (instrumental guitarist from Sydney) “Over the Edge” (guest: Tony Franklin; Hear here) (David Peebles)

Nov. 13, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Andy Browne Troupe (indie-rock outfit based in Morrisville, Pa.) “Alien Fish Soup” (the track “My Little Stone” was produced by R.E.M.’s Peter Buck; Hear here) (Skylab / Dragon Path, Nov. 16)
Damien’s Truth (NYC prog-rock group) “The Fibonacci Sequence” (Hear here) (DBAD13)
Jason DeLaurentis (Boulder, Colo., rock singer-songwriter) “The Big Move” (Hear here) (Jason DeLaurentis, Nov. 9)
Inferzenal (Mexican rock band) “This Moment” (Hear here) (Inferzenal, Nov. 11)
Chris Reed (multi-instrumentalist alt-folk singer from Cupertino, Calif.) “Odyssey, Volume 1” (Hear here) (Chris Reed, Nov. 10)
Spencer Rockwell (electronic artist from Savannah, Ga.) “Musickingradio” (Hear here) (Spencer Rockwell, Nov. 16)
Socionic (L.A. hard rock band) “Dividing Horizon” (Hear here) (Socionic Media, Nov. 12)
Street Choir (R&B/hip-hop act from Portland, Ore.) “Now” (six-song EP; guests: Five Star Freddy, Mic Mar, Libretto; Hear here) (
TALAWA reggae army (Costa Rican-based reggae band) “#ReggaeRevival” (guests: Patko, Amlak Tafari, Dax Lion, Ali Amiri, Rica Newell; Hear here) (Iration, Nov. 15)
Valence (Melbourne-born singer, songwriter, producer) “Don’t Let Me Go” (Hear here) (Strawberry Hills, Nov. 11)

Nov. 6, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Becoming Elephants (instrumental progressive rock quartet from Arkansas) “Volume 1” (Hear here) (Becoming Elephants, Nov. 7)
Brunson (rap/country artist from Lynchburg, Va.) “Family Tree” (Hear here) (Arrow Creative)
Evan L. Doggett (Antioch, Tenn., jazz artist) “Koul Cafe'” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Evandoggettmusic)
Sarah Dunn Band (country group from Claremore, Okla.) “Christmas Day” (Hear here) (Audacity, Nov. 6)

Oct. 30, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Kory Brown (Austin rocker) “Goodbye to Me” (Hear here) (Kory Brown, Oct. 31)
Brittany Cassidy (country-pop singer from Philadelphia) “Brittany Cassidy” (five-song EP; Hear here) (MondoTunes)
Clubhouse (indie-pop band from Columbus, Ohio) “Run Away” (Hear here; See here) (Clubhouse)
Dunkin (blues guitarist from Thibodaux, La.) “Akoostix” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Dunkin, Oct. 31)
Liz Fawcett (Anaheim, Calif.-based singer-songwriter) “Going to LA” (Hear here) (Lizzard Productions, Nov. 3)
Ghettometal (L.A. quartet) “5 Song EP” (Hear here) (Ghettometal, Oct. 31)
Amanda Grace “Los Angeles” (feat. Prime Blaq; Hear here) (Amanda Grace, Nov. 1)
Anthony Hannon (pop singer/songwriter/producer from North Haven, Conn.) “Fire” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Anthony Hannon, Oct. 27)
LukasRose (Americana duo from Port Orchard, Wash.) “Without Fanfare” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Big Timber Music, Oct. 31)
Rhett May (Australian rock singer-songwriter) “Fast Cars and Sitars” (first single: “Rich Bitch”; Hear here; See here) (Australian Record Company)
Migahawk (Madrid indie artist) “Escape” (Hear here) (596306 Records DK, Nov. 3)
Onana (Stockholm-based R&B/pop singer) “Tutti Frutti” (Hear here) (Onana, Oct. 31)
Cammie Robinson (experimental/acoustic artist from East Midlands, U.K.) “White Light” (Hear here) (Audiokult, Nov. 3)
The Selassie Ites (Hawaiian reggae band) “Fiyah Rock” (Hear here) (Christmas in July Productions, Nov. 2)
TEECEE Experience (Auckland R&B/soul band) “Don’t Be No Fool (Gotta Be Cool)” (Hear here) (PrinceKalakaua, Nov. 3)
Ten Ton Man (NYC alt-rock group led by Paul Livornese) “Permission to Sin” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Ten Ton Man)
Through These Walls (Pittsburgh rock band) “Chasing Hell” (Hear here) (Through These Walls)
II Step (N.C. hip-hop artist) “Voices” (Hear here) (Progress, Oct. 31)
Wild Horse (U.K. rock trio) “I Say No” (Hear here) (Horus Music Distribution)
Young Z (Sioux Falls, S.D., hip-hop artist) “Darkness Falls” (Hear here) (Young Z, Oct. 31)

Oct. 23, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
F-Units (NYC rock quartet) “F-Units” (five-song EP; Hear here) (F-Units Music)
Meredith O’Connor (teen pop star) “I Am” (MP3; Hear here) (Metamorphosis Productions, Oct. 20)
VO5 (disco big band based in Madison, Wis.) “Dance Originality” (MP3; Hear here) (Caculo, Oct. 24)

Oct. 16, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Bill Acuña & the Despotic Hall of Fame “The Fatigue and Failure of Bill Acuña & the Despotic Hall of Fame” (Hear here) (Bill Acuña & the Despotic Hall of Fame, Oct. 12)
A$Troe the Future (Detroit rapper) “With Me,” “Doing My Thing” (Hear here) (A$troe The Future, Oct. 14 / Oct. 23)
Color Hush (Calgary singer-songwriter) “Sunshine” (Hear here) (Color Hush, Oct. 14)
Dan Edwards (country artist from western North Carolina) “Small Towns” (Hear here) (Why Worry)
Five Pound Opinion (Nashville rock artist Jon Statham) “Taunt / Caress” (Hear here) (Five Pound Opinion)
Great American Canyon Band (indie duo from Baltimore) “Crash EP” (debut LP “Only You Remain” coming in February 2016; Hear here) (Six Degrees)
Kim Jong Ill (Philly hip-hop/electronic group) “The Get Down” (producer: Ron Swerdon; Hear here) (Monster Entertainment)
Amanda Lamb (country-pop singer based in Newport Beach, Calif.) “We Dance We Run” (Hear here) (Amanda Lamb)
Jesse Lopez (pop singer from Lake Worth, Fla.) “In the Middle” (Hear here) (Jesse Lopez, Oct. 12)
Kelsie May (15-year-old country singer from Eastern Kentucky) “You’re Lookin’ At Country” (her performance on season 8 of “The Voice”; Hear here; See here) (Republic, Oct. 15)
Redd Moody (Gainesville rapper) “G-Code” (Hear here) (Saynie Da Label, Oct. 13)
Ashley Nicole Music (Orlando pop artist) “I Am Not Weak” (Hear here) (Ashley Nicole Music, Oct. 12)
Ozonna (Nigeria-born singer-songwriter based in NYC) “Believe It to See It” (five-song EP; first single: “We Glow”; MP3; Hear here) (Paragon)
Royal Corvus (rock quintet from Ukraine) “Taste’O’mania” (Hear here) (Royal Corvus, Oct. 14)
Soulbreakers (Hungarian soul-funk band) “Beat Up!” (Hear here) (Author’s Edition, Oct. 19)
Telematic (Camden, Ark., alt-rock trio) “Where I Begin” (Hear here) (Telematic & Mitch McKelvin, Oct. 12)
Yemimah (Canadian R&B/pop singer) “Tell Me Something / Puo Benia” (guest: Jaynova; Hear here) (Yemimah / Spinnup, Oct. 13)

Oct. 9, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Modis Chrisha (German electronic artist) “Lost in the Desert (Verloren in der Wüste)” (Hear here) (Modis, Oct. 8)
C-Rico “I Don’t Want the Lights Down” (Hear here) (C-Rico, Oct. 10)
Duncan Daniels “More Than a Decade of Music” (guests: Tia Yasmine, Osime, Mode Nine, Draztik, Mackgee, Xuzia, Rotimi; Hear here) (Dunkishrock Productions, Oct. 6)
Gary Douglas (NYC blues rocker) “Keepin’ Faith” (six-song EP; first single: “To Be With You”; MP3; Hear here) (Gary Douglas)
F.L.I.P. Gucci (Atlanta rapper) “Bank Roll” (guest: Nathan Mirror; Hear here) (Element Media Studio, Oct. 5)
Jomo Arigato (Arlington, Texas, hip-hop artist) “Transcend” (Hear here) (CKB Entertainment, Oct. 10)
Kristine Mills (Houston singer-songwriter) “Bossatoo” (Hear here) (Kristine Mills)
Shaun Much (Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based rocker) “We Danced Through Fire and Rain” (Hear here) (Shaun Much, Oct. 5)
The Nut Drivers (Madison, N.C., rock quartet) “Back Home” (Hear here) (The Nut Drivers, Oct. 10)
John Scargall (country/alt-rock act from Ridley Park, Pa.) “Breakthrough” (Hear here) (Phosphorylative Entertainment Group, Oct. 6)
Twin Scars (Austin indie band) “Seven Demons” (Hear here) (Twin Scars, Oct. 10)
Iga Victoria & Adam Malicki “Children of Liberty” (Hear here) (Iga Victoria, Oct. 6)

Oct. 2, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
ArJay (Miami-based Latin artist) “El Desarrollo de un Artista” (guests: Jayko Pa, Don Chezina, Bird El Macriado, F2 La Liga Latina; MP3; Hear here) (Pa Las Nenas Music, Oct. 1)
Nikki Briar (country rocker from Clark, N.J.) “Free From the Demon” (Hear here) (Nikki Briar)
Rusty Evans (Americana singer) “How Can I Keep from Singing” (Hear here) (Rusty Evans, Oct. 1)
Creed Fisher and the Redneck Nation “If You Have a Right to Burn My Flag (Then I Have a Right to Kick Your Ass)” (Hear here) (Fishdog)
Git Groove (Minneapolis rocker) “Need Your Love” (Hear here) (Git Groove, Sept. 29)
Liz Graham (Cornwall-On-Hudson, N.Y., rock singer-songwriter) “Damaged” (first single: “Damaged”; MP3; Hear here; See here) (LGM, Sept. 29)
Dave Jeanes (Bristol, U.K., singer-songwriter) “War Cry” (first single from his new album, “These Thins Happen,” out Jan. 1, 2016; Hear here) (Dave Jeanes, Oct. 5)
Jesse Medeles (Latin artist from L.A.) “Sucia” (Hear here) (J2 Entertainment)
Royal Johnson (Macon, Ga., rock band) “Belly Full” (Hear here) (Royal Johnson, Sept. 28)
Wild Ride (L.A. rock trio) “European Invasion” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Wild Ride, Sept. 30)
Jonny Zywiciel (San Francisco singer-songwriter) “Melodies & Memories” (Hear here) (Jonny Zywiciel, Oct. 3)

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