We love music … so much that we’re sifting through a few weeks’ worth of more than 1,500 submissions from ReverbNation-affiliated artists all trying to get their new/upcoming albums or EPs listed at Pauseandplay.com.

So, without further ado, on with the countdown …

May 19, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Beatfellaz (Atlanta-based hip-hop/rap group) “Jordan Pippen” (Hear here) (Beatfellaz Music)
énée (Paris indie-pop trio) “Our Promises” (Hear here) (énée)
The Phoenix Within (Woodhaven, N.Y.-based acoustic rock project fronted by singer-songwriter Omar Feliciano) “Whispers” (Hear here) (Know Hope)

May 26, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Jordan Royale (Bayonne, N.J., rapper) “Fxck Off” (Hear here) (Jordan Royale, May 27)
Stellarscope (Philly post-punk indie rock band) “Standing in the Shadow of Your Ghost” (Hear here) (Patetico Recordings, May 30)

June 2, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Kaptain Krook (Concord, Calif., hip-hop act) “Pirate Pimpin’, Vol. 2” (Hear here) (Gumbohouse Entertainment, June 1)

June 9, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Rainy Day Crush (indie power-pop/rock trio from Kenosha, Wis.) “I’m Still Alive” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Rainy Day Crush, June 7)

June 16, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Whetherman “This Land” (Hear here) (Whetherman)

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May 12, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
D’Meetri (L.A. pop singer) “The Minnesota Tape” (Hear here) (OLN/NL Multimedia)
Miccoli (U.K. alt-pop trio) “1/2” (four-song EP; Hear here) (AFA)
The Vistanauts (Utah rock trio) “Missing You” (Hear here) (The Vistanauts, May 14)

May 5, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
ALBVS (Pittsburgh-area electronic duo) “Lockdown” (Hear here) (ALBVS MUSIC)
Tyler Colt “Take Me Home Tonight” (Hear here) (Tyler Colt, May 4)
Justin Fabus (Pittsburgh-area country singer) “I Hope She’ll Think of Me” (Hear here) (3053 Windermere Records, LLC)
Jupiter in Velvet (London-based rocker) “Til’ the End of the World” (Hear here) (Free 2B Free)
Bradd Marquis (Trenton, N.J., soul singer-songwriter) “Who Let You Go” (Hear here) (Soulman Music Group LLC / NIA Music Distribution)
Piper Lou-Reneé (Wichita pop singer-songwriter) “12 Hours” (Hear here) (Piper Lou-Reneé)
Skyward Story (Baltimore pop/rock trio) “Hey!” (Hear here) (Hollywood MOB, May 3)
Star Cavalli (Charlotte-based hip-hop artist Tierra Richell Stevenson) “Indecisive” (Hear here) (Hollywood MOB, May 4)
Forrest Tweed (Santa Barbara, Calif., producer/musician) “The Leftfield” (Hear here) (Forrest Tweed, May 6)

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