More than 2,200 submissions from ReverbNation-affiliated artists trying to get their new or just-released albums or EPs included on’s massive list of release dates … it’s a daunting task, but hey we’re up to the task.

There’s no time to waste …

May 13, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Eddy Faulkner (D.C.-based pop singer-songwriter) “Unbreakable” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Eddy Faulkner)
T. Hill (Fredericksburg, Va., rapper) “World Domination” (Hear here) (Mervilton, May 12)
Danielle Lyndsay (D.C.-based R&B singer) “Lie to Me” (Hear here) (Danielle Lyndsay, May 16)
Chaz Robinson (Indianapolis-based electronic pop artist) “Without You” (Hear here) (Spectra Music Group, May 17)
Ships Have Sailed (L.A. alt-pop/rock duo) “Whispers” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Ships Have Sailed Publishing)

May 20, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
AD8 Keyz (Indianapolis rapper) “Neva Gone Change” (guest: Young B.A.R.R.S; Hear here) (CROOKEDollar Media Group, May 18)
Dark Chocolate (hip-hop artist from Murfreesboro, Tenn.) “From Prizms to Penthouses” (Hear here) (Dark Chocolate, May 24)
Ben Dragon (L.A. electronic artist) “Tell Me Your Name” (feat. Adrian Hibbs; Hear here) (Fire to My Ears)
Olivia (Canadian pop singer) “Weightless” (six-song EP; first single: “Outshine the Stars”; Hear here) (Olivia)
Stephanie Salas (Mexican singer-actress) “Electro-Acustic” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Stephanie Salas, May 25)

June 17, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Surviving the Era (Sacramento alt-rock group) “Parallax” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Surviving the Era, June 18)

Recent Releases

May 6, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Blackbird Sing (Americana quintet from San Antonio) “Cinco” (five-song EP; first single: “Battle of Sanan”; Hear here; See here) (Bonus Cup Music, May 5)
Blind Joe (aka Minnesota country singer Joseph Bommersbac, who competed on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2015) “By the Fans, for the Fans” (producers: Rick Beato, Ken Lanyon, Blind Joe; Hear here) (Blind Joe, May 5)
Fighting the Phoenix (Canon City, Colo., hard-rock band) “Tides of Poseidon” (Hear here) (Fighting the Phoenix, May 10)
Kiirstin Marilyn (former lead singer of Verity In Stereo) “Ghosts” (six-song EP; producer: Benny Reiner; first single: “Headlines”; Hear here) (Spectra Music Group)
The Phoenix Rose (Brighton, England, reggae-pop band fronted by composer-singer Jarvis Smith) “The Phoenix Rose” (producer: Native Wayne Jobson; Hear here) (GypsyPop)
Kalon Rose (London-based pop singer) “The Day That I Was Killed” (Hear here) (Strumhum Music Group)
Young ol school Aj “Rejections” (Hear here) (Young ol school Aj, May 4)

April 29, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Black Slate (U.K. roots-rock reggae band) “Peaceful Demonstration” (Hear here) (TCD, April 28)
Dijonband (Sea Cliff, N.Y., alt-rock quartet) “Love Dad” (Hear here) (Dijonband)
Esha Esha (R&B artist from Chandler, Ariz.) “I Gotta Know” (Hear here) (Esha Esha, May 1)
Left Wing Fascists “Party Favorites” (14-song collection of recordings from 1987-2016; Hear here) (Left Wing Fascists, May 1)
The Willie Mellon Band (Americana/country act from Corpus Christi, Texas) “Robstown Justice” (Hear here) (Mellon Music)
Cary Morin (American artist from Fort Collins, Colo.) “Together” (Hear here) (Cary Morin, May 1)
Hawley Penfold (Denver-based pop singer) “Seize the Moment” (Hear here) (DaSoul Group, April 27)
Spencer and Sequoia (Stamford, Conn., indie duo) “One Day At a Time” (Hear here) (Spencer and Sequoia)
Vexine (Chesterfield, Va., soulful rock band) “Little Sin” (first single: “Empty Hole”; Hear here) (ZAP, April 30)

April 22, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Coming Up For Air (Dayton rock trio) “Between the Party Lines” (Hear here) (Coming Up For Air, April 26)
The Foo Dogs (Medford, Ore.-based alternative act) “Goddess,” “One Man Can Change the World” (Hear here) (The Foo Dogs, April 20)
Dino Forino (Kansas hip-hop artist) “Hater,” “What Part of the Game Is That” (Hear here) (DreamTeam Studios, April 23/25)
Harjgtheone DBA (Canadian pop artist) “Harjgtheone DBA” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Harjgtheone DBA, April 21)
The Infinite Three (London art-rock trio) “Lucky Beast” (recorded with engineer Jon Clayton; Hear here) (Actual Size Music)
Jack of None (experimental rock trio from Philippines and Chicago) “[who’s listening to van gogh’s ear?]” (Hear here) (Jack of None)
Daniel Jordan (Tulsa pop/folk singer-songwriter) “Introduction” (Hear here) (Daniel Jordan, April 23)
Banga McLoven (Cape Girardeau, Mo., hip-hop artist) “The Big Bang Theory” (Hear here) (Whalen A.B.M ENT, April 23)
Trinity Mpho (World Music Artist of the Year 2015 award winner at the African Entertainment Award in Canada) “Children of the Universe,” “Mama” (Hear here) (Trinity Mpho, April 24/28)
Gary Nelson (Bella Vista, Ark., singer-songwriter) “You’re a Big Boy Now” (Hear here) (Gary Nelson)
Samantha Preis (American singer-songwriter based in London) “Cruel Love” (Hear here) (Samantha Preis)
Gabriel Savage (Vancouver-based musician-DJ) “Real Eyes (Realize)” (Hear here) (Gabriel Savage)
Sloppy Joe’s “Eat Sloppy Joe’s” (Hear here) (Timezone)
Jericho Spitz (Chicago reggae artist) “If Him No Be Dead” (Hear here) (Jericho Spitz, April 20)
Union Sky (Sarasota electro-pop trio) “Exhale,” “From Us, to You” (two-song EP; Hear here) (Union Sky, April 23)

April 15, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Arryus (Hungarian electronic artist) “Long Road” (feat. Bence Locsmándi; Hear here) (Arryus, April 13)
Lourdes Capall (L.A.-based pop singer) “Over Me” (feat. Low F; Hear here) (Lourdes Capall, April 18)
Chicago Blues All-Stars “Chicago Blues All-Stars Inc.” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Original Chicago Blues All Stars Inc., April 12)
Kara Clark (Nashville alt-country singer) “The Key” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Kara Clark Music)
Lisaray Cohen (London rock singer) “Long Time Dead” (Hear here) (Lisaray Cohen, April 18)
Nate Currin (Atlanta-based Americana artist) “The Madman and the Poet” (Hear here) (Archaic Cannon)
Dozer Coaster (Aberdeen, S.D., alt-rock band) “Marshmellow Code” (Hear here) (Castle Robot, April 19)
Kery Fay (German pop singer-songwriter) “Otherside” (Hear here) (iMusician Digital)
Ilen Halogram (Seattle electronic artist) “I Am Halo” (Hear here) (Ilen Halogram, April 12)
Herrick (Nashville roots-rock band) “Cottonfields” (producers: Herrick, David Walker; Hear here; See here) (Breakaway Entertainment)
J-Law Soul Violinist (Fort Myers, Fla., jazz musician) “The Lonely Warrior” (Hear here) (J-Law Soul Violinist, April 16)
Christine Lee (Orlando pop singer-actress) “La California Girl” (feat. Tim Pierce; Hear here) (Christine Lee, April 16)
Lil Mook (Cincinnati hip-hop arist) “Forever” (feat. Novacane; Hear here) (Bounce Back Entertainment, April 14)
Paul Linberry (rock-pop artist based in Jersey, Channel Islands) “Paul Linberry” (Hear here) (Paul Linberry, April 19)
LVM (twin-brother R&B act) “Miss You” (Hear here) (LVM, April 16)
Milton J and the Leftovers (alt-rock/hip-hop quintet from Frederick, Md.) “Vain Wisdom” (first single: “Killing Dreams”; Hear here; See here) (Milton J and the Leftovers / FJE Entertainment)
Mr. Candy Kane “Bedroom Motion” (guests: Rodney Willz, Chelsea Davis, JC, Dfw Big Reese, Boss, Streetz, Kahamni B; Hear here) (Candy Kane Music Entertainment)
Lola Rhodes (Marina Del Rey, Calif., singer-songwriter) “Thorough” (feat. Low F; Hear here) (Lola Rhodes, April 19)
Marina Rosemann (German singer) “Komm Und Bleib” (Hear here) (TUT i TAM, April 12)
Schlagwetter (German alt-rock band) “Adrenalin (Redux Version)” (Hear here) (JNB Media)
StarFlightRocks (Rosenberg, Texas, pop-rock duo) “I Killed the Prom Queen” (Hear here) (StarFlightRocks)
States // Capitals (L.A. alt-rock duo) “20.08” (Hear here) (States and Capitals Music, LLC)
Ysd Shoota (Englewood, Calif., hip-hop artist) “DM” (Hear here) (Lisaray Cohen, April 18)

April 8, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Anydos (Canadian R&B singer) “Stand Up” (Hear here) (Anydos)
Dez Cleo (Santa Monica, Calif., pop singer) “Gemini,” “Tell Me Again” (Hear here) (Dez Cleo, April 10)
Nick Deutsch (NYC pop singer) “Under Your Ocean” (Hear here) (Nick Deutsch, April 7)
Garfan (Lincoln, Neb., alt-rock group) “Redux in Red” (first single: “What She Said”; Hear here) (Garfan, April 10)
Gino Goss “Ooo Baby” (Hear here; See here) (Jammajazz, April 5)
John Davis Jade “I’ll Get Away” (MP3; Hear here) (Tishri, April 7)
Jankins (Tulsa hip-hop artist) “The Groove” (Hear here) (Darth Row, April 5)
Jay Ax (NYC hip-hop artist) “Lit Gawd” (Hear here) (The Axsociation Inc., April 5)
Mike McDevitt (Delaware singer-songwriter) “Delaware Bay” (Hear here) (Mike McDevitt, April 11)
The OverDrones (Brighton-based rock quartet) “Songs for the Faint Hearted” (Hear here) (The Overdrones, April 5)
Post Rapture Party (Seattle alt-metal band) “Post Rapture Party” (Hear here) (Post Rapture Party, April 7)
Luke Potter (British singer) “Storms” (Hear here) (LPM)
Star Off Machine (Costa Mesa, Calif., rock quartet) “Wake Me Up” (Hear here) (Bungalo / CIA)
Tha Saint (Tallahassee hip-hop artist) “I’m Still Here” (feat. Roze; Hear here) (Elect of God Entertainment LLC)
Kyle Thomas (country singer from Canton, Ohio) “Kyle Thomas” (seven-song EP; producer: Dylan Roth; Hear here) (Kyle Thomas)
Toy Called God (groove-metal quartet from Brentwood, Calif.) “Dirt On Your Coffin” (Hear here) (Toy Called God, April 5)

April 1, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Katie Ainge (Salt Lake City-based singer-songwriter) “Thrive” (Hear here) (Tate Music Group, April 5)
Arkay (Monroe, La., rock trio) “The Shapeless EP” (five songs; producer: Terrence Geno; Hear here) (Low Octane, April 2)
Alex Boyé (British-born American singer and actor) “African Gospel Inspirations” (guests: Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Jenny Oaks Baker, Dan and Chad Truman, Carmen Rasmusen Herbert, Soulsaints, LDC; MP3; Hear here; See here) (Boyé Central Music)
Concrete Injection (St. Paul, Minn., rock quartet) “Aluminum Sky” (eight-song EP; Hear here) (Concrete Injection)
Damon & Matthews (Brandy Station, Va., rock duo) “Save the Day” (feat. Flip Damon; Hear here) (Isle Royale, April 4)
Flip Damon “Get Away” (Hear here) (Isle Royale)
Dead Day Revolution (L.A. alt-rock band) “On Our Own” (producer: Larry Goetz; Hear here; See here) (Dead Day Revolution Music, April 5)
Ghosts of Tomorrow (Overland Park, Kan., rock quartet) “Organic Air” (Hear here) (Ghosts of Tomorrow, March 30)
Hex’Ra (rapper based in Tonawanda, N.Y.) “Hex’ra: The Risen Kings” (Hear here) (Hex’Ra Inc., April 2)
T. Hill (Elk Grove, Calif.-based singer-songwriter, not to be confused with T. Hill the rapper) “They Can’t Handle It (Da Remixx)” (feat. Sean E.; Hear here) (T & T Entertainment Group, LLC, April 4)
Kaylee Keller (Garden City, Kan., pop singer-songwriter) “Diamond” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Kaylee Keller, March 31)
Izzy Malik (Merced, Calif.-based alt-pop singer) “Fire” (five-song EP; Hear here; See here) (Izzy Malik, April 4)
Julia McDonald (Orlando pop singer-songwriter) “Something to Talk About,” “Games,” “No Good For Me” (producer: Kevin De Clue; Hear here) (Julia McDonald)
MrXrated (Atlanta dance/hip-hop artist) “We Made It,” “Hola Hola” (Hear here) (BlockBuster)
Onyx Marrow “Imperfect Stone” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Onyx Marrow, April 5)
OSOG (Israeli rock band) “Who Who” (Hear here) (Anana)
Ralphy (L.A. pop singer) “PeaceLover” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Ralphy, April 5)
To Eris (Italian alt-electro band) “Escape” (Hear here) (To Eris)
Tra Cee (R&B singer from Hammond, Ind.) “Favorite Song” (Hear here) (Tra Cee)
Willy ARQ (St. Paul, Minn., hip-hop artist) “Black Sheep” (six-song EP; Hear here) (SWITCHH Entertainment, March 31)

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