has an affinity for new artists. Like them, this site is a scrapper, a survivor, trying to get noticed in a big, bad, overstimulated world. That’s why we enjoy our partnership with ReverbNation, the definitive home of indie artists. Our home is your home, too.

Here’s this week’s edition of new releases from ReverbNation-affiliated artists, who submitted for inclusion on’s massive new-music release schedule … we’ve gotten more than 2,300 submissions in the past few weeks. Wow.

Now on with the countdown …

June 24, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
JL Fulks (Boca Raton blues-rocker) “On Down the Road” (five-song EP; guest: Matt Schofield; Hear here) (JL Fulks, June 25)
G1ftedMusic (L.A. pop artist-producer) “Spend Some Money” (Hear here) (G1ftedMusic, June 23)
Jupiter in Velvet (U.S.-born, U.K.-based rock artist) “Rule Your Day” (Hear here) (Free 2B Free)
K’Coneil (Bronx pop-reggae artist) “Love/Lust” (seven-song EP; first single: “Hot Like You”; Hear here) (Gedion Soldiers Entertainment)
The PondHawks (Chicago indie band) “Blue Light” (focus track: “Bitter Game”; Hear here; Read here) (Riverpool)
Curtis Lee Putman (Kalamazoo, Mich., country-blues singer-songwriter) “It’s Over,” “#Tallinthesaddle (When I Ride)” (Hear here) (Tall in the Saddle, June 23)

July 1, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
BlackLight (Omaha, Neb., EDM producer-performer) “Listen 2 Your Mind” (Hear here) (Plurred Vision, June 30)
Michael Blu (Austin-based alt-pop artist) “Sing a New Love Song” (Hear here) (, June 29)
Lily Lambert (Americana singer-songwriter from Phoenix) “Moving On” (Hear here; See here) (Lily Lambert)
SOmong (Fort Lauderdale soul-pop artist) “6:30” (feat. Mike Flowz; Hear here) (SOmong, June 30)
The Spins (France-based pop/rock outfit) “Colours” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Plug and Play Recordings, June 28)

July 8, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Bassassin (L.A.-based EDM artist) “Molly in the Club” (feat. Chrome; Hear here) (Bassassin, July 7)
Danger Scene (Franklin, Tenn., pop duo) “Futures” (five-song EP; first single: “Be OK”; Hear here) (Danger Scene)
Monche (Lancaster, Calif., R&B singer-songwriter) “New Sound” (guests: Exodus Swift, the Wizard, Lance Barber, Keyohm; Hear here) (Natasha Barber, July 7)

July 15, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Boom Boom (aka Alexandria, Va., dance artist Leslie Dalencour) “I Hate My Job” (feat. G.U.G.G.; Hear here) (LXE Productions, July 20)
Eddie Hermosa (world music artist from Hermosa Beach, Calif.) “Naturally” (Hear here) (Eddie Hermosa)

Sept. 9, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Ian & The Dream (alt-pop band from Waukesha, Wis.) “New Dreams” (Hear here) (Ian & The Dream)

Nov. 18, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Tyler Colt (pop-rock singer from Redondo Beach, Calif.) “A New Day” (Hear here) (Tyler Colt)

Recent Releases

June 17, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Bow (Boston dream-pop artist) “Good Life” (seven-song EP; Hear here) (Tensmark)
Chamber of Echoes (Boston dream-pop artist) “Limitless,” “We Belong to the Night,” “Unbound and Set Free + Under Lock and Key” (Hear here) (Chamber of Echoes, June 14-16)
Alison Lewis (West Hollywood, Calif.-based singer) “Seven” (Hear here) (Shamayim Music)
The Lost Weekend (alt-rock band from New Haven, Conn.) “Denial” (producers: The Lost Weekend; first single: “Nothing Concrete”; Hear here) (The Lost Weekend)
Jonathan Miller (EDM-pop singer-songwriter from Portland, Ore.) “5 (Deluxe Edition)” (featuring three bonus tracks; new single: “War With Love”; Hear here) (Jonathan Miller Music, June 21)
ScottyChams (Canadian rapper) “In the Dark” (six-song EP; Hear here) (We the 9, June 20)
Surviving the Era (Sacramento alt-rock group) “Parallax” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Surviving the Era, June 18)
Us Commoners (Kingston, N.Y., alt-pop duo) “The Hot Spot” (Hear here) (Triptofind, June 18)
Victoria Watts (Philly singer-songwriter) “Live in Brooklyn” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Victoria Watts)
Young Scrap (L.A. hip-hop artist) “Trill and B” (producers: Fred Nice, Kydd Strumentals, Zaire, Dope Boi Beatz, PDubTheProducer, Flash Beats, Mindsweep, Scott Supreme, Paul Cabbin, Deemoney & Chapo, ItsDG; guests: Yung, Carlon, Mornin Afta, Ricoche, Jaida, Carlos, Sean Bradbury, La Envy; MP3; Hear here) (Young Scrap, June 20)

June 10, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Alicia G (Buffalo, N.Y., rapper) “Ca$h & Nap” (feat. P.J.W.; Hear here) (Alicia G / LRT, June 9)
Dario BianKi (Spanish DJ) “Heavy Compression with Our Hearts” (Hear here) (WasteMusicBusters s.r.l., June 8)
Joey Job (Christian-gospel artist from Ellenwood, Ga.) “Most High” (feat. Joon; Hear here) (Gainsta Bank Ent.)
Marshall (Thomasville, N.C., country singer-songwriter) “Saints and Sinners” (seven-song EP; producer: Travis Wyrick; Hear here) (Marshall Rocks Country, June 8)
Melodic (Newark, Del., R&B-pop singer) “Lucid Dreaming” (new single: “I Found You [Love]”; Hear here) (Writimin, June 14)
Ashley Nicole (Orlando pop singer-songwriter) “Prince Charming” (Hear here) (Ashley Nicole)
Pullman Standard (L.A. rock act) “Hurricane,” “Starting Static” (the band’s trailer was recently stolen and recovered, but more than $25,000 worth of gear is missing; a Go Fund Me campaign has been set up to help them replace their equipment; Hear here) (Pullman Standard Music, June 14)
2TALLIN’ (Fresno-based EDM-pop artist) “Party Club” (feat. P.J.W.; Hear here) (Re-Spin Industries, Inc., June 9)

June 3, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Anjeza (L.A.-based dance-pop artist) “Not Afraid” (Hear here) (Anjeza, June 6)
Bad Habits (London hard-rock band) “Hell on Wheels” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Bad Habits)
CharlesBryan (L.A. hip-hop artist) “Gone Head” (Hear here) (CharlesBryan)
Crystal Clayton (alt-pop singer from Blue Springs, Mo.) “Crystal Clayton” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Crystal Clayton)
GENTE DEL SUR (Spanish funk-flamenco-reggae act) “La Gente Del Sur (Dub Mixes)” (three-song EP; Hear here) (New Colours, June 5)
Veronica Grisham (San Francisco-based instrumental artist) “Psyche” (three-song EP; Hear here) (Veronica Grisham, June 6)
Kim Killspeed (Australian pop-folk singer) “Inside” (producer: Jeff Martin; Hear here) (Kim Killspeed, June 6)
MegaBELL (Australian dance producer) “Gabba Dropp” (Hear here) (MegaBELL, June 7)
Nate$avage (St. Louis rapper) “Bandit” (eight-song EP; guests: Quikk, Foe Foe Tokyo, Bigred, Redd Bangz; MP3; Hear here) (BIGRED Entertainment Group, June 5)
Nola B. (Spring, Texas, hip-hop artist) “Sos2: The Starve” (guests: Cali Cal, Flex; Hear here) (Nola B., June 7)
Juliette Reilly (N.J. pop-country singer-songwriter ) “Battle Cry” (five-song EP; first single: “Hero”; Hear here) (Two Tree Studios, June 5)
Ed Roman (Canadian folk rocker) “Red Omen” (first single: “I Am Love”; Hear here) (MTS, June 7)
Billie Stevens (formerly of Wank and Handsome Devil) “American Youxia” (first single: “A Story of a Boy and a Girl”; Hear here) (Billie Stevens, June 7)

May 27, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Terry Balfour (Glasgow rocker) “Wars Free / Heat of the Night” (Hear here) (Terry Balfour, June 1)
The Big Glasshouse (Christian rock-pop trio from London) “In the Beginning …” (Hear here) (Zoom Music)
Chuck-C (Canadian hip-hop artist) “Welcome to My World” (Hear here) (Chuck-C, May 31)
Dockko (Fairmount Heights, Md., rapper) “One Night” (Hear here) (Zobe)
D.Stroy (Carrollton, Texas, R&B singer-songwriter) “No Better” (Hear here) (Destruction, May 28)
Future Heroes (Denver hip-hop act) “WordArt” (Hear here) (Future Heroes)
KB The General (D.C. hip-hop artist) “Best of the Best” (Hear here) (KB The General Productions, May 31)
Laura LaValle (Indianapolis-based soulful pop singer) “Nobody” (Hear here) (Laura Lavalle)
Nikki Lorenzo (West Hollywood, Calif.-based retro-pop singer) “Unravel” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Nikki Lorenzo, May 31)
Line Mari (Norwegian pop singer) “Crush” (producer: Rob Cass; Hear here) (Golden Heart)
Elena Maro (Italian singer-songwriter) “Heal the Pain” (Hear here) (Elena Maro, May 30)
Marwan Maurice (Columbus, Ohio, blues-rock singer-songwriter) “I Can’t” (Hear here) (Marwan Maurice, May 31)
Rilee O’Neill (Montgomery, N.Y., pop singer-songwriter) “You’re Not Alone” (Hear here) (Rilee O’Neill, May 26)
Jeanette Perez (Seattle-based pianist) “Sunrise,” “Waves” (Hear here) (Jeanette Perez, May 30/June 3)
Rob Jo Star Band (French indie-rock band) “Revolt’s Light” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Rob Jo Star Band, May 29)
Stephanie Salas (Mexican singer-actress) “Electro-Acoustic” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Stephanie Salas, June 1)
Siren Call (Austrian alt-rock group) “Rose Ashes” (Hear here; See here) (Siren Call, May 31)
Van Wild (Nashville-based alt-rock singer-songwriter) “Van Wild” (first single: “Bluebird”; Hear here) (JEU Limited, May 31)
RJ Word (L.A. soulful pop singer) “I’m Gone” (Hear here) (RJ Word INC., June 1)

May 20, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
AD8 Keyz (Indianapolis rapper) “Neva Gone Change” (guest: Young B.A.R.R.S; Hear here) (CROOKEDollar Media Group, May 18)
Adonnis (L.A. pop singer-songwriter) “Love Is Life” (four-song EP; producer: Adonnis; Hear here; Read here) (Adonnis Entertainment)
Audience Killers (synthpop trio from Latvia) “Floating Islands” (first single: “Sounds Like You”; Hear here) (Trii House)
Mark Bittler (Rochester, Wash., funk-soul artist) “My Name Is Mark” (Hear here) (Maurice the Fish)
Bittersweet Collapse (Fayetteville, Ga., hard-rock group) “Portraits and Vanity” (Hear here) (Bittersweet Collapse)
Chosen Rejects (Charlotte, N.C., pop-punk band) “Lend Me Your Ear” (Hear here) (Chosen Rejects)
Cristina F (NYC-area pop singer-songwriter) “Greatest Mistake” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Cristina F, May 22)
Dark Chocolate (hip-hop artist from Murfreesboro, Tenn.) “From Prizms to Penthouses” (Hear here) (Dark Chocolate, May 24)
The DH Project (rock instrumentalist David Justin Handy from Martinsville, Va.) “The DH Project” (Hear here) (The DH Project, May 24)
Ben Dragon (L.A. electronic artist) “Tell Me Your Name” (feat. Adrian Hibbs; Hear here) (Fire to My Ears)
Nuaudio (southeast Michigan alt-rock band) “Tabula Rasa” (Hear here) (Nuaudio, May 19)
Olivia (Canadian pop singer) “Weightless” (six-song EP; first single: “Outshine the Stars”; Hear here) (Olivia)
Scar of the Sun (Athens, Greece-based modern metal band) “In Flood” (includes a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Walking in My Shoes”; producer: Rhys Fulber; guests: Bob Katsionis, George Katsanos, Nick Syd, Van Labrakis; Hear here) (Scarlet)

May 13, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Alice Sweet Alice (Kansas City alt-rock quintet) “Viola Organista … and Other Impossible Dreams” (Hear here) (Cauldron Soundwerx, May 12)
Animal Sun (Hampton Roads, Va., alt-rock quartet) “Echoes of a Dream” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Animal Sun, May 11)
Banjo Nelson (folk singer-songwriter from Ogden, Utah) “Banjo Nelson” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Sonorous Sounds, May 11)
Dragonfly 13 (Bronx-based funk band) “Let the Music Bring You Back” (Hear here) (Dfly)
Gordy Garris Group “Down at the Disco” (Hear here) (Gordy Garris Group, May 17)
T. Hill (Fredericksburg, Va., rapper) “World Domination” (Hear here) (Mervilton, May 12)
Brenda Lê Jones (San Francisco jazz singer) “Live to Love” (Hear here) (Brenda Jones, May 18)
Katcha (Australian pop duo) “No Ordinary Day” (Hear here) (Katcha, May 17)
Lindita (Atlanta pop singer) “Come Thru” (Hear here) (Lindita)
Danielle Lyndsay (D.C.-based R&B singer) “Lie to Me” (Hear here) (Danielle Lyndsay, May 16)
Permacrush (L.A. rock band) “Dirty Looks (From Six Foot Models)” (Hear here) (Indie 500, May 15)
P.G Prophecy (Atlanta-based gospel/hip-hop artist) “Real Talk” (seven-song EP; Hear here) (Fireproof Music Gospel, May 12)
Spencer Reed Band (Cleveland alt-rock group) “Heavy In My Head” (producer: Dave Douglas; Hear here; See here) (Spencer Reed Band, May 12)
Chaz Robinson (Indianapolis-based electronic pop artist) “Without You” (Hear here) (Spectra Music Group, May 17)
Ships Have Sailed (L.A. alt-pop/rock duo) “Whispers” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Ships Have Sailed Publishing)
Versatile Legacy (Miami hip-hop duo) “No Money” (Hear here) (Versatile Legacy, May 16)

May 6, 2016

Artist: Title: Label:
Blackbird Sing (Americana quintet from San Antonio) “Cinco” (five-song EP; first single: “Battle of Sanan”; Hear here; See here) (Bonus Cup Music, May 5)
Blind Joe (aka Minnesota country singer Joseph Bommersbac, who competed on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2015) “By the Fans, for the Fans” (producers: Rick Beato, Ken Lanyon, Blind Joe; Hear here) (Blind Joe, May 5)
Born of Scars (East Meadow, N.Y., rock quartet) “Circles” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Born of Scars, May 3)
J Burn (Bay Area singer-songwriter) “Randomly Banded” (Hear here) (J Burn)
Edge of the West “Edge of the West” (Hear here) (Inscrutable, May 7)
Fighting the Phoenix (Canon City, Colo., hard-rock band) “Tides of Poseidon” (Hear here) (Fighting the Phoenix, May 10)
Gary Lazer Eyes (Orlando rock quartet) “Galapagos” (Hear here) (Gary Lazer Eyes, May 5)
JetLagBlack (West Jordan, Utah, rapper) “2 Minutes” (Hear here) (JetLagBlack, May 7)
Ceekay Jones (Taos, N.M.-based alt singer-songwriter) “Ceekay Jones” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Redor, May 9)
Kick the Robot (Lawrenceville, Ga., alt-rock trio) “Supermassive Automatic” (Hear here) (Kick the Robot, May 6)
Chris Mann (a finalist on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2012, currently starring on the North American tour of “The Phantom of the Opera”) “Constellation” (12 original songs co-written by Mann; producers: Adrian Bradford, Willy Beaman, Walter Afanasieff; first single: “Echo”; MP3; Hear here) (Dropped Entertainment)
Kiirstin Marilyn (former lead singer of Verity In Stereo) “Ghosts” (six-song EP; producer: Benny Reiner; first single: “Headlines”; Hear here) (Spectra Music Group)
Delaney Morgan (soulful pop singer from Barkhamsted, Conn.) “Everything” (Hear here) (MoreBright Music)
My Mechanical Heart (Huntington Beach, Calif.-based rock quartet) “No Really, You’re Fine,” “Part of Me,” “You Don’t Have to Leave” (Hear here) (My Mechanical Heart, May 10-11)
Overclank (Italian hard-rock group) “Lost in Two” (Hear here) (Christian Alasia, May 9)
The Phoenix Rose (Brighton, England, reggae-pop band fronted by composer-singer Jarvis Smith) “The Phoenix Rose” (producer: Native Wayne Jobson; Hear here) (GypsyPop)
Kalon Rose (London-based pop singer) “The Day That I Was Killed” (Hear here) (Strumhum Music Group)
Shania the Artist (Athens, Ga., soul singer) “In Love With a Stranger” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Shania the Artist, May 5)
Young ol school Aj “Rejections” (Hear here) (Young ol school Aj, May 4)

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