Kanye West now says his upcoming “Waves” isn’t the greatest album of all time after all. Whew! Glad he cleared that up for us. Now we can move on with our lives … like poring over more than 2,400 submissions from ReverbNation-affiliated artists – all seeking to be included on Pauseandplay.com’s massive new-music release list.

Here we go …

Feb. 5, 2016

Bittersweet Collapse (Fayetteville, Ga., rock band)“Shut My Eyes” (Hear here)(Bittersweet Collapse)
Leah Brooke“Royal Jelly” (Hear here)(Lucky Tooth)
Jesse Medeles (L.A. Latin artist)“Amor” (Hear here)(J2 Entertainment)
Skylar Renee (Malibu, Calif., pop singer)“All That I Need,” “Baby It’s You” (MP3; Hear here)(Skylar Renee, Feb. 2)
Skakila“My Light” (Hear here)(Shakila, Feb. 7)

Feb. 12, 2016

Bernie Journey (NYC dance-pop singer-songwriter)“Patience With My Heart” (guests: Wayne Numan, Hendrick Valera; Hear here)(Bernie Journey)
Veeh Lil’Monsterpull (Bartow, Fla., rapper)“Do to Me” (featuring Lexis Williams; Hear here)(LMG, Feb. 13)
Meresha (indie pop singer from North Palm Beach, Fla.)“My Love Has Come” (guests: Wayne Numan, Hendrick Valera; Hear here)(Sonic Dolphin, Feb. 9)

March 4, 2016

Damon & Matthews (rock duo from Brandy Station, Va.)“We Go Kartin'” (Hear here)(Isle Royale, March 4)

April 1, 2016

Dead Day Revolution (L.A. alt-rock band)“On Our Own” (producer: Larry Goetz; Hear here; See here)(Dead Day Revolution Music, April 5)

April 15, 2016

Nate Currin (Atlanta-based Americana artist)“The Madman and the Poet” (Hear here)(Archaic Cannon)

Recent Releases

Jan. 29, 2016

Daniel Amedee (New Orleans folk-rock singer-songwriter)“Everything Will Change” (five-song EP; Hear here)(Daniel Amedee, Feb. 2)
DJ Movex (from Ukraine)“Medusa (Original Mix)” (five-song EP; Hear here)(DJ Movex, Jan. 25)
Ionic Construct (EDM artist based in Colorado Springs)“Alien Transmissions” (22 tracks; Hear here)(iM Electronic, Feb. 1)
LunariaN (Indonesian alt-rock band)“Anomalium” (Hear here)(LunariaN, Jan. 31)
Solice (alt-rock band from Arlington, Texas)“In the Dark” (Hear here)(Solice, Jan. 30)
Johnny Stanec (singer-songwriter from Youngstown, Ohio)“Farewell, Sadness” (first single: “The Sky Is Falling”; Hear here)(Forgotten, Feb. 2)
Winds & Walls (NYC indie-rock quartet)“Still Lions” (six-song EP; Hear here)(Winds & Walls, Feb. 2)

Jan. 22, 2016

Big Time Grain Company (country band from Overland Park, Kan.)“100lbs Net Weight” (five-song EP; MP3; Hear here)(Big Time Grain Company)
Empty Chair (Jordanian rock quartet)“Home” (Hear here)(Empty Chair)
Nate Evans (Kansas City pop singer-songwriter)“Hello” (Hear here)(EMI April Music, Jan. 27)
Malachi Fyrestar (Cleveland hip-hop artist)“Grindmode” (Hear here)(Eternal Flame Entertainment, Jan. 21)
Lauren Marsh (Princeton, N.J., indie-pop singer-songwriter)“Veracity” (five-song EP; producer: Chris Badami; Hear here)(Lauren Marsh Music & CarChri)
Kt Mulholland (indie-pop singer-songwriter, based in Astoria, N.Y.)“Wild One” (Hear here)(FireHaus, Jan. 21)
New Stellar Star (aka Canadian pop-rock singer Chris Bullock)“Californiak” (Hear here)(New Stellar Star)
Tribal Theory (San Diego reggae band)“Burnin'” (Hear here)(Tribal Theory Music, Jan. 20)

Jan. 15, 2016

AaronJoe (L.A.-based world artist)“Alive Again” (Hear here)(Futures of Tomorrow Inc., Jan. 11)
Alicia G (rap/hip-hop artist from Buffalo)“Pretty Girl” (Hear here)(Alicia G / LRT, Jan. 12)
Jay Ax“Don’t Ax Don’t Tell” (guests: Kimberli Lauren, Neeche, Yazmin Soul, Uncle Murda, Frank Doket, Bianca Bonnie, Brodie Jaymz, Kritikal, Fortune; Hear here)(The Axsociation Inc., Jan. 18)
Kory Brown (Austin rocker)“Who I Am” (Hear here)(Kory Brown, Jan. 12)
Just B. Polo (NYC hip-hop artist)“There Is a Hell” (Hear here)(Just B. Polo, Jan. 16)
Nikol (best female rock artist at the 2015 Carolina Music Awards)“Bittersweet” (first single: “Goin’ Down”; Hear here)(Nikol)
Weston Simonis (Portland, Ore.-based pop-rock singer)“Moments of Intoxication” (Hear here)(Audio Start Production, Jan. 14)
Brett Vogel (L.A. rock singer-songwriter)“Never Giving Up (Deluxe)” (2015 album, with seven bonus tracks; Hear here)(Radiate)

Jan. 8, 2016

AlliCat (hip-hop and spoken word artist from Honolulu)“Where Do I Go” (guests: Jonathan Wes, Sam Watson; Hear here)(AlliCat, Jan. 5)
Susan Aquila (NYC rock singer-electric violinist)“Miss Conduct” (first single: “Why?”; Hear here)(Original Kitchen, Jan. 5)
GrooveShine (Santa Barbara funk-reggae band)“New Moon” (Hear here)(GrooveShine, Jan. 5)
GudGud (pop-soul trio from Jacksonville)“What I Like” (Hear here)(Chelsea Entertainment Group, Jan. 9)
Hotribenna (London singer-songwriter)“We Can Fly” (Hear here)(Hotribenna, Jan. 11)
Mafia Dutch (rapper from Gary, Ind.)“Shooters” (Hear here)(GrooveShine, Jan. 5)
Katelyn McCarter (Christian pop singer from Petersburg, Va.)“Chasing the Wind” (five-song EP; Hear here)(Katelyn McCarter, Jan. 5)
Jessica Meuse (Alabama singer-songwriter finished fourth on the 13th season of “American Idol”)“Rio Grande” (Hear here)(Jessica Meuse, Jan. 5)
Morgan Myles (Nashville soulful country singer)“Miss Morgan Myles” (six-song EP; Hear here)(Morgan Myles)
Some Velvet Morning (British alt-rock trio)“Damocles” (new single; Hear here; see album below)(Some Velvet Morning)

Jan. 1, 2016

Jenny Bracey (U.K. singer-songwriter)“Just Accept It” (Hear here)(Jenny Bracey)
Galaxy Skytree (Australian EDM artist)“Think About Me” (Hear here)(Galaxy Skytree, Dec. 31)
Kodac (hip-hop artist from Jackson, Miss.)“Hold Me” (Hear here)(Kodac)
Link&Chain (Jamaica, N.Y., reggae group)“Fix the Roof” (Hear here)(Link&Chain Music, Dec. 30)
Loryn (Phoenix-based EDM artist)“Dharma Gypsy” (Hear here)(Loryn, Dec. 31)
Militia Vox“Born Out of Darkness” (the NYC rocker’s second album, “The Villainess,” is due out in 2016; Hear here)(Militia Vox)
OG Bout-It (San Francisco rapper)“Rhythm” (Hear here)(PaperChase Muzik, Dec. 31)
PointDexter (indie-rock band from Folsom, Calif.)“Rocket Surgery” (five-song EP; MP3; Hear here)(PointDexter, Dec. 29)
The Sick Calicos (rap group)“Fundamentalist” (Hear here)(Run-A-Muk)
Some Velvet Morning (British alt-rock trio)“Allies” (MP3; Hear here)(Some Velvet Morning, Dec. 30)

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