We’re back in the saddle again, poring over more than 1,200 submissions from ReverbNation-affiliated artists all trying to get their new/upcoming albums or EPs listed at Pauseandplay.com.

So, without further ado, on with the countdown …

Aug. 25, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Robert Caruso (London-based singer-guitarist) “Heroin” (Hear here) (Roca)
Collegians (Melbourne, Australia, alt-rock quartet) “Vaccine” (Hear here; iTunes) (Cultivator)
NOREiKA (Akron, N.Y., rock singer-songwriter) “BoXaRoX” (four-song EP; Hear here) (NOREiKA Publishing)

Sept. 1, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Dylan Running (collective of NYC musicians) “Time Out” (Hear here) (LGM)
Elu the Dust (Orange County ska-rock band) “Pearls to Swine” (Hear here) (Lucent, Sept. 2)
Jet Force Gemini (Portland, Ore., alt-rock group) “Dive Eternity” (Hear here; iTunes) (Jet Force Gemini)
Silent Strike (electronica artist from Bucharest) “It’s Not Safe to Turn Off Your Computer” (Hear here) (RAR marketed by Motor Entertainment)

Sept. 8, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Sleep Signals “At the End of the World” (six-song EP; producer: Justin Rimer; guests: Josh Brown, Marty McCoy; first single: “Suit & Tie Suicide”; Hear here) (Sleep Signals)

Sept. 15, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Dudley Taft (Cincinnati blues-rock guitarist) “Summer Rain” (recorded in his own studio, which he purchased from Peter Frampton in 2013; Hear here) (American Blues Artist Group)

Sept. 22, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
She’s Excited! (Brooklyn electronic artist) “Love Is Round” (Hear here; iTunes) (Teknofonic Recordings)

Oct. 6, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Disciples of Babylon (Hollywood-based rock band) “The Rise and Fall of Babylon” (producer: Andres Torres; first single: “Without You”; Hear here; iTunes) (Symbiotic)

Nov. 3, 2017

Artist: Title: Label:
Seven Story Fall “We Will Fight” (Hear here) (Seven Story Fall LLC)

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