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Published on September 16th, 2015 | by Gerry Galipault


ReverbNation Release Dates

More of a good thing: our list of upcoming releases (and some more recent ones) from ReverbNation-affiliated artists. More titles will be added throughout the day, so check back frequently.

(BTW: We have received more than 2,530 submissions in the past month and a half!)

Sept. 18, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Kory Brown (Austin rocker) “So Confused” (Hear here) (Kory Brown, Sept. 20)
Jassniro (based in Rome, Italy) “Do You Like That?” (Hear here) (Jassniro Emotional Lounge, Sept. 15)

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Sept. 25, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
NoTrace (Rochester, Minn., hip-hop artist) “Complicated” (guests: Jesse James, Mo Supreme, Kriss Liss, Michaela Kaser, Theresa Blount; Hear here) (NTE Music Group)

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Oct. 2, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Jesse Medeles (Latin artist from L.A.) “Sucia” (Hear here) (J2 Entertainment)
Wild Ride (L.A. rock trio) “European Invasion” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Wild Ride, Sept. 30)

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Oct. 30, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Rhett May (Australian rock singer-songwriter) “Fast Cars and Sitars” (first single: “Rich Bitch”; Hear here; See here) (Australian Record Company)

Nov. 13, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Chris Reed (multi-instrumentalist alt-folk singer from Cupertino, Calif.) “Odyssey, Volume 1” (Hear here) (Chris Reed, Nov. 10)

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Sept. 11, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
AriiiYow (Istanbul-based experimental artist) “Papa Moon” (six-song EP; Hear here) (AriiiYow, Sept. 9)
Beautifull Lyric (Duluth, Ga., R&B singer) “Raindrops” (Hear here) (BeautyStar Productions)
Da Professor (Pompano Beach-based reggae act) “About Last Night” (guests: Beenie Man, Marley Waters, RedLyte; Hear here) (Spiky, Sept. 9)
Edidion (L.A. soul-pop singer) “Statistic” (eight-song EP; guest: Trevon Tate; Hear here) (Edidion, Sept. 12)
Matt Jaffe & The Distractions (Bay Area alt-rock band) “Holding On” (Hear here) (Elm City)
Declan Kennedy (Walkersville, Md., singer-songwriter) “Desire to Inspir” (Hear here) (Ear Safe, Sept. 7)
Nisha Nandez (San Pedro, Calif., pop singer) “Baby Just a Minute” (Hear here) (Vera Music Group, Sept. 10)
Postina (Minneapolis indie-pop/rock band) “Write a Better End” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Postina)
Ana Qadieshvili (pop singer from Tbilisi, Georgia) “The Sun” (Hear here) (Ana Qadieshvili, Sept. 10)
Reality Serum (experimental rock band from Centereach, N.Y.) “Feels Good” (Hear here) (Supple, Sept. 8)
Patrick Skelton (singer-songwriter from Westerville, Ohio) “Waiting” (Hear here) (Midwest, Sept. 7)

Sept. 4, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Agent 13 (Fort Myers, Fla., indie-rock quartet) “Cloak and Dagger” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Agent 13, Sept. 1)
Bare Noble (Morehead City, N.C., rock band) “For What It’s Worth” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Bare Noble, Sept. 1)
Biet (Brooklyn alt-rock act) “The Lunar” (Hear here) (Biet, Sept. 6)
Roy Catlin (Denver singer-songwriter) “From Being Lost” (Hear here; See here) (, Sept. 1)
A Flourishing Scourge (Seattle metal quartet) “As Beauty Fades Away” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Begotten)
Drew Greenway (Christian singer-songwriter from Luray, Tenn.) “Through Life’s Journey” (Hear here) (King Productions, Sept. 3)
Live Animals (EDM artist Josh Stone, from Asheville, N.C.) “Arrival” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Live Animals, Sept. 1)
The Reliables (funky rock band from Fairview, Tenn.) “The Reliables” (Hear here) (The Reliables, Sept. 1)
Settled Soul (aka Christian artist Rick Richardson, based in Houston) “A Chosen Generation” (three-song EP; Hear here) (SettledSoulSounds)
Worldwide Groove Corporation (Nashville electronic music power duo) “Daydream” (guests: Daniella Mason, Kareem Bennett, Ingrid Dumosch; Hear here) (Fabulation, Sept. 1)

Aug. 28, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Burny Bogart & Junior (hip-hop duo from Nigara Falls, Ontario) “Pussy Platter” (Hear here) (Burny Bogart & Junior)
Cailee Rae (L.A. pop singer) “Ain’t That Bad” (Hear here) (Cailee Rae)
The Como Brothers Band (from Mount Sinai, N.Y.) “Wildest Dreams” (Hear here) (The Como Brothers Band, Aug. 25)
Jtyriq (R&B/pop artist and producer from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe) “Cold Summer Nights” (Hear here) (Makishi, Aug. 25)
Louie & The Pride (Australian folky-pop group) “Wake Me Up” (Hear here) (Louie & The Pride, Aug. 29)
Mala Ruckus (alt-rock band based in Dalian, China) “Make the Monkey Watch” (three-song EP; Hear here) (Mala Ruckus, Aug. 29)
Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure (Chicago indie-rock trio) “Fun Size” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure)
Jim Minnie (Saranac Lake, N.Y.-based rock performer) “Beware of Fate” (Hear here) (Jim Minnie, Aug. 27)
Phylo-Rey (aka alt-pop singer Billy Sanders from Madison, Ala.) “Finer Things” (Hear here) (Phylo-Rey, Aug. 30)
SandmanJ (gospel rap artist from Tulsa) “He’s the One” (feat. Naomi Emanuel & Erica Jordan; Hear here) (SandmanJ, Aug. 26)
Savage Cabbage (Fort Collins, Colo., indie-rock trio) “Waves” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Savage Cabbage)
Swendal (L.A. hip-hop artist) “What’s the Swendal?” (Hear here) (Acrimoney Entertainment)
Peter Vincent (South African rocker) “Turn It Up” (Hear here) (Peter Vincent, Aug. 27)
Sam Watkins (Austin singer-songwriter) “A New Way to Fly” (Hear here) (Solaris Entertainment, Aug. 25)

Aug. 21, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Boh inventing “Komodo Dragon” (Hear here) (Boh inventing, Aug. 18)
Civil Discord (Philly rock band) “Inner Beauty” (Hear here) (Civil Discord, Aug. 18)
Friday (Colorado Springs-based pop singer) “Don’t Give Up” (See here) (Friday, Aug. 22)
Pilot Hayes Band (Beverly Hills rock trio) “Birds and Bees,” “Dopes in Jeopardy,” “Interstellar,” “RocketMan,” “Wait” (Hear here) (RadioHayes, Inc)
Hoodbilly Draw (Fenton, Mo., indie-rock band) “First Draw” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Hoodbilly Draw, Aug. 22)
Imaginary Tribe (Peru, Ill., metal band) “Nocturnal Existence” (Hear here) (Imaginary Tribe, Aug. 17)
The Lately (rock band from Appleton, Wis.) “Old News” (Hear here) (The Lately, Aug. 20)
Martin Gilsenan Mckenna (Edinburgh, Scotland, singer-songwriter) “She Got the Fever” (Hear here) (Martin Gilsenan McKenna, Aug. 23)
Lamprey “The Greener Grass” (five-song EP; Hear here; MP3) (Lamprey)
Lil Ryan (hip-hop artist from Fort Smith, Ark.) “Never Gave Up” (Hear here) (ThruChristMovement, Aug. 20)
Pepe Bahia (Panamian indie-rock trio) “Natural” (Hear here) (Pepe Bahia, Aug. 20)
Unsound (Fort Lauderdale-based electronic duo) “Chasing Light” (Hear here) (Unsound, Aug. 18)
Valeriy (Ukraine-born, NYC-based singer Val Borovinskiy) “Sex” (Hear here; See here) (Valeriy, Aug. 23)

Aug. 14, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Ellis Bailey (Chicago R&B/hip-hop singer) “Maneater” (ReverbNation; See here) (Fuller Music Group)
Heptagon Heaven (electronic artist from Maricopa, Ariz.) “The End of All Suffering,” “Pirates” (Hear here) (Heptagon Heaven, Aug. 13)
Moscato (Australian rock quintet) “Unshiny” (five-song EP; ReverbNation) (562600 Records DK, Aug. 12)
Zach Person (Houston rock guitarist) “Listen” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Zach Person)
Side FX & Kim Cameron (Miami Beach dance band) “Falling Stars” (Hear here) (IndiGoBoom, Aug. 16)
Teresa Topaz (Portland, Ore., rock singer) “Reset Me” (ReverbNation) (Teresa Topaz, Aug. 16)
Young Dope (Louisville, Ky., rapper) “Digits” (Hear here) (TrippySquadRecords, Aug. 16)

Aug. 7, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
Beware the Zebra (Portland, Ore., alt-rock band) “To-Do Wrists EP” (three songs; Hear here) (Constant Legs, Aug. 6)
Constant Legs (Tampa indie folk/experimental duo) “Real News” (Hear here) (Constant Legs, Aug. 8)
Ben Pryer (Horsham, U.K., singer-songwriter) “Maybe in Love” (Hear here) (Ben Pryer, Aug. 8)
Johnny Ravin (Winnipeg guitarist-songwriter) “All My Days” (Hear here) (Johnny Ravin, Aug. 6)
The Salt Riot (Seattle alt-rock trio) “Bystander” (Hear here) (The Salt Riot, Aug. 10)
See You in the Funnies (Cincinnati grunge-hop group) “See You in the Funnies” (Hear here) (SYITFRecords, Aug. 10)
Shiffley (Long Island five-piece indie pop band) “Anthem City” (four-song EP; Hear here) (Shiffley, Aug. 7)
Sweet Sweet (Myrtle Beach indie-folk duo) “To the Stars” (Hear here) (Klocker, Aug. 4)

July 31, 2015

Artist: Title: Label:
The Color Blew (South African alt-rock trio) “Colors” (Hear here) (The Color Blew)
Connell Cruise (NYC-based pop singer-songwriter from South Africa) “Into the Wild” (five-song EP; Hear here) (Mercury)
Erica Sunshine Lee (Georgia country-rock singer) “I Do” (Hear here) (Orsley Entertainment, July 28)
Lost in Atlantis (female-fronted rocktronica band from Redondo Beach, Calif.) “This World Is Ours: Part I” (five-song EP; guest: Ryan Key; Hear here; MP3) (Lost In Atlantis, July 28)
Fergus McKay & Nothing Concrete (French folk-rock band) “Ever the Forager” (MP3; Hear here) (Round Flat, Aug. 1)
Alek Sandar (NYC pop/EDM artist) “P.O.R.N” (feat. Amanda Lepore; Hear here) (Splendid Sounds)
Lance Stinson (Nashville singer-songwriter) “Taillights & Dust” (Hear here) (Lance Stinson)
Z Da Reaper (rap/hip-hop artist) “ELU” (feat. 2Slik; Hear here) (Z Da Reaper, Aug. 1)

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