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Pause & Play Today: Sept. 28, 2023

Updates / Additions

New Releases

“the rest,” boygenius – Oct. 13

“Revanchsit,” Evian Christ – Oct. 20

“No Love Lost,” Year of the Knife – Oct. 27

“eternal optimist,” Isla Rico – Nov. 3

“Wild Life,” Light Beams – Nov. 3

“Theatre of the Absurd Presents C’est La Vie,” Madness – Nov. 17

“Dark Rainbow,” Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Jan. 26, 2024

“Natural Magick,” Kula Shaker – Jan. 26, 2024


“The Last Recordings: 1996 Recordings of His Classic Hits,” John Denver – Nov. 17

“Fallen (20th Anniversary Edition),” Evanescence – Nov. 17

“Jewel (25th Annniversary Edition),” Jewel – Nov. 17

“The Journey – Pt. 2,” The Kinks – Nov. 17

“Tina Turner: Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Tina Turner – Nov. 24

New Music Friday: Sept. 29, 2023


“El Rey Bravo,” Tito Puente – Nov. 10

DVD + Blu-ray

“The Last Picture Show (The Criterion Collection),” Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, Cybill Shepherd, Ben Johnson, Cloris Leachman, et al – Nov. 14

“Paramount Presents Terms of Endearment,” Debra Winger, Shirley MacLaine, Jack Nicholson, et al – Nov. 14

“Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (The Criterion Collection),” Ewan McGregor, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Christoph Waltz, et al – Dec. 12

Just Released

(Surprise releases + more)

“This House Is On Fire,” Dan Rose (Dan Rose)

“Lullabies for Younger Self,” Jonsjooel (Kieku Records)

“Juice of the Sun,” Babe Rainbow (four-song EP; Eureka Music)

“Safe in the Suburbs,” Femke (five-song EP; Enci)

“Coconut Mirror,” Connie Lovatt (Enchanté US)

“Coming to Fruition,” Bobby Falk Group (B Falk Music)

“Wondervu,” Scotty Hollywood (MTS)

Why wait any longer for the one you love? / When he's standing, in front of you

New Songs Playlist

(Click on title to stream)

Sweet Sounds of Heaven, The Rolling Stones & Lady Gaga feat. Stevie Wonder
Each Day Gives, The Streets 
Sale el Sol, Pachyman
Old Friend, Kacey Johansing
Coming Our Way, Light Beams 
Picasso, Loveless
The Invisible Hand, The North Country
Fools Gold, Every Us
Therapy, Junebug
Snap, Love Ghost
RUNAWAYS, Goodnight, Texas feat. Kirk Hammett
Medusa, JZMYN 


Nawshawn Breedlove (rapper who dueled Eminem in “8 Mile”)

This Week In … 1966

(Source: Billboard)

No. 1 – “Cherish” The Association

Biggest Mover Within the Top 40 – “96 Tears,” ? & The Mysterians (from No. 25 to No. 8)

Top Debut (No. 81) – “If I Were a Carpenter,” Bobby Darin

Biggest Mover Within the Hot 100 – “See See Rider,” Eric Burdon & The Animals (from No. 85 to No. 53)

Shoulda Been a Bigger Hit – “World of Fantasy,” The Five Stairsteps

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