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“Signing into Darkness,” Hataałii – June 30, 2023

“Freakazoid,” The Pink Spiders – July 7, 2023

“One By One,” Adams & Costello – Aug. 25, 2023

“Eastwood Symphonic,” Kyle Eastwood – Sept. 1, 2023

“Fatalism,” Polaris – Sept. 1, 2023

“Sea of Mirrors,” The Coral – Sept. 8, 2023

“CMF2,” Corey Taylor – Sept. 15, 2023

“Ultrapure,” Briston Maroney – Sept. 22, 2023

“Burning Castles,” Lucia & The Best Boys – Sept. 29, 2023

“Sanguivore,” Creeper – Oct. 13, 2023

“Year Away,” Kacey Johansing – Oct. 13, 2023

“Sample the Sky,” Laura Misch – Oct. 13, 2023

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“Top Eight: How MySpace Changed Music,” Michael Tedder – Aug. 15, 2023

“The Monkees: Made in Hollywood,” Tom Kemper – Aug. 18, 2023

“Chronicles of the Juice Man: A Memoir,” Juicy J – Sept. 5, 2023

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[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]JUST RELEASED[/su_highlight] (surprise releases + more)

“All You Want (Bonus Edition),” Toad the Wet Sprocket (digital-only 19-song greatest hits package includes new track “Best of Me [2023]”; Read here; Abe’s Records)

“HURTING,” kerri (six-song EP; Montreal-based vocalist/producer’s second EP of the year; new single: “Never Look Back!”; Hear here; Nettwerk)

“And You Were: Say You’re With Me Reworked,” Larkhall (10 reinterpretations of songs from his 2022 album “Say You’re With Me”; guests: Echo Juliet, Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres, Neil Gay, Simeon Walker, Jim Cornick, Josh Semans, Harriet Riley, et al; new single: “Uncertain Times”; See here; Larkhall)

“Hot & Cold,” Janani Shankar (four-song EP; Hear/Read here; Is a Dora Records)

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Last Man Dancing, Jake Shears
Greenlight, Hayley Kiyoko
Nothin’s Easy (For Amy), Nils Lofgren
i still look for our house from the freeway, Postcard Boy
Open Heart, Jah9
Welcome to My House, YONAKA
Two Towns, Chasing Kites
Lie to Me, The Best Around
Drop, Fall & Die., Battal
Once in a While, Scott Fisher
Turn the Tide, Åskväder
At Ease, Joy Postell
Like You Used To, Xondra
One Last Day, 9Left Dead
Electric Jihad, Dictator Ship
Freya, KIDSØ
Wicked Ways, Apryll Aileen
Looking at You, Juniper Honey
River’s Edge, Noble Oak

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Today’s Birthdays

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Isaac “Redd” Holt (founding member of Ramsey Lewis Trio and Young-Holt Unlimited)

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