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Pause & Play Today: July 30, 2022

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“We The Kingdom,” We The Kingdom – Sept. 16

“Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam,” The Comet Is Coming – Sept. 23

“Live: Return of the Storyteller,” Todd Snider – Sept. 23

“Ali,” Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin – Sept. 23

“Morbidity Triumphant,” Autopsy – Sept. 30

“Crazy Times,” Sammy Hagar and the Circle – Sept. 30

“Free LSD,” OFF! – Sept. 30


“Nicks and Grazes,” Palm – Oct. 14

“I Walked With You A Ways,” Plains – Oct. 14

“Here It Is: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen,” various artists – Oct. 14

“ILYSM,” Wild Pink – Oct. 14

“Unison Life,” Brutus – Oct. 21

“Sometime Not Now,” Cubicolor – Oct. 28

“This Is What We Do,” Leftfield – Dec. 2

“A Point in Time”: 7 Short Kindle Books With Audio Narration. »

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[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]JUST RELEASED[/su_highlight] (surprise releases + more)

“Superghetto (Deluxe),” Buddy (2022 album; with four extra songs; See here; Cool Lil Company / RCA)

“Multiverse,” Wiz Khalifa (his first full-length album in four years; guests: Girl Talk, THEY.; Hear here; Read here; Taylor Gang Ent. / Asylum)

“Sunburst,” Loudness (new single: “OEOEO”; See here; Ward / earMUSIC)

“Hazy,” Universed (five-song EP; 2442800 Records DK)

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[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]NEW SONGS[/su_highlight] (click on title to stream)

Como Te Quiero Yo A Ti (Regional Mexican Version), Selena |
123, Claire Rosinkranz |
Pulse, Leftfield |
Sweat, Claudia Valentina |
I Won’t, AJR |
Backstabbers, FCG Heem |
Baby Why, Sarah Cothran |
Red Eyes, Saleka (daughter of M. Night Shyamalan) |
wish i was dead, EKKSTACY |
Constant Contact, Mia Baron |
drugs are for fun, sunsetto |
Stranger, Skyler Cocco | See here
Pure Sugar, Dre’es

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[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]TODAY’S BIRTHDAYS[/su_highlight]

Buddy Guy (86)
Paul Anka (81)
David Sanborn (77)
Jeffrey Hammond [Jethro Tull] (76)
Otis Taylor (74)
Hugh Nicholson [Marmalade] (73)
Frank Stallone (72)
Rat Scabies (67)
Phil Fearon (66)
Kate Bush (64)
Neal McCoy (64)
Dwayne O’Brien [Little Texas] (59)
Ron Block (58)
Sean Moore (54)
Elvis Crespo [Manic Street Preachers] (51)
Brad Hargreaves [Third Eye Blind] (51)
Seth Avett (42)
Diana Vickers (31)

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[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]IN REMEMBRANCE[/su_highlight]

Lynn Anderson (1947-2015)

Dick Wagner (1942-2014)

Bill Doss (1968-2012)

Sam Phillips (1923-2003)

Howard Dietz (1896-1983)

Don Myrick [Earth, Wind & Fire] (1940-1983)

[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]RANDOM LYRICS[/su_highlight]

“For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught”

[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]RELEASED ON JULY 30 … IN 1989[/su_highlight]

“Tender Lover,” Babyface (his second solo album, featuring the title track, “Whip Appeal” and “It’s a Crime”; he nabbed three Grammy nominations for the album, which featured backing vocals from After 7 and Troop; producers: L.A. Reid, Babyface; SOLAR / Epic)

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[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]R.I.P.[/su_highlight]

Doug McKean (producer-engineer won two Grammys for Green Day’s “American Idiot”)

Jimy Sohns (lead singer of The Shadows of Knight)

Raymond Raposa (Castanets)

Joey Abbott (original drummer of Fuel)

Michael Bloodgood (Christian heavy metal artist)

Larry Josephson (champion of free-form radio)

Archie Roach (Aboriginal musician)

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> 40 Albums to Listen to Before You Die | The Independent

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