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“Black Leather Blues,” Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen – April 14, 2023

“In Between Thoughts…A New World,” Rodrigo y Gabriela – April 21, 2023

“Forwards,” The Alarm – June 2, 2023

“The Good Witch,” Maisie Peters – June 16, 2023

“Smile,” Skindred – Aug. 4, 2023

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“The Mamas & The Papas,” The Mamas & The Papas – April 7, 2023

“Playing for the Man at the Door: Field Recordings from the Collection of Mack McCormick 1958–1971,” various artists – Aug. 4, 2023


“Wings of Desire (The Criterion Collection),” Bruno Ganz, Solveig Dommartin, Otto Sander, et al – May 2, 2023

“Targets (The Criterion Collection),” Boris Karloff, Tim O’Kelly, Nancy Hsueh, et al – May 16, 2023

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“Cracker Island (Deluxe),” Gorillaz (digital edition contains five new tracks, featuring De La Soul and more; Hear/Read here; Parlophone)

“Time in Between,” apollonio (five-song EP; Bijugatus)

“Into Your Head,” Noha Saré (five-song EP; new single: “youandme”; Hear here; Tantamount Music)

“False We Hope,” Ellis Ludwig-Leone (featuring Attacca Quartet and Eliza Bagg; Better Company)

“The Thing That Knowledge Can’t Eat,” Mike Keneally (guests: Steve Vai, Eric Slick, Nick D’Virgilio, et al; Exowax Recordings)

“Fly Over Apple Blossom,” First Day of Spring (four-song EP; First Day of Spring)

“Double Decade,” Märvel (The Sign)

“Wherever We Go,” Morning Fuzz (producers: Morning Fuzz; Morning Fuzz)

“Elena Shelton,” Elena Shelton (Animalia Music)

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The Dream Is Done, Photo Ops
Slowly Healing, HUDDY
Love Comes Down, Elia
Fernanda, It’s All Right, Moses Mikheyev
Velociraptor, Krooked Tongue
Serpentine, The Parlor
Miracles, Certain Animals
Up and Ran, Niamh McKinney
Hard Candy, Mystee
Game Changer, Jacob Brand
Rosemary Hemphill, Surprise Chef
Something’s Gotta Give, Takes an Army
Soul’d Out, Kash Memphis
Forty Paces to the Bottom, Ryan Wayne
late night thoughts, shy martin

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Today’s Birthdays

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> Blake Shelton Reveals Why He’s Leaving ‘The Voice’ After 23 Seasons | E! News

> BTS Star J-Hope Begins South Korean Military Enlistment Process | Daily Beast

> ‘American Idol’ Judges Get Emotional, Enraged After Heartbreaking Reminder of Santa Fe Tragedy| People

> Taylor Swift Ties the Record for Most Adult Pop Airplay Chart Top 10s With ‘Lavender Haze’ | Billboard

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> Weezer Announce Tour Dates With Spoon, Modest Mouse, Future Islands, and More | Pitchfork

> Wu-Tang Clan & Nas Team Up for 2023 N.Y. State of Mind Tour | Billboard

> Flaming Lips Add ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’ Anniversary Shows | Rolling Stone