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“Give Me the Future + Dreams of the Past,” Bastille – Aug. 26

“God Did,” DJ Khaled – Aug. 26

“Now That I Have Your Attention,” Phil Thornalley – Sept. 2

“International Pop Overthrow: Volume 23,” various artists – Sept. 9

“Charm of Pleasure,” Daniele Luppi & Greg Gonzalez – Sept. 16

“Self Help,” Future Teens – Sept. 23

“Kings of Mercia,” Kings of Mercia – Sept. 23

“Lustre,” Glassreel – Sept. 30

“Round Feet, Chrome Smile,” Ragged Union – Sept. 30

“Nothing Special,” Will Sheff – Oct. 7

“Ottoline,” L.A Salami – Oct. 14

“Silver Balloon,” Jesse Harris – Oct. 21

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“Commit Yourself,” Bethlehem Asylum – Sept. 23

“The Studio Albums 2009-2018,” Mark Knopfler – Oct. 7

“Live At Yankee Stadium (June 22 & 23, 1990),” Billy Joel – Nov. 4

“Life Moves Pretty Fast: The John Hughes Mixtapes,” various artists – Nov. 11


“Doubt,” Jesus Jones – Oct. 28


“Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Collector’s Edition),” Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, George Carlin, et al – Oct. 11

“The Return of the Living Dead (Collector’s Edition),” Clu Gulager, James Karen, Don Calfa, et al – Oct. 18

“Starship Troopers (25th Anniversary Steelbook),” Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Denise Richards, et al – Nov. 1

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[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]JUST RELEASED[/su_highlight] (surprise releases + more)

“Boy Meets Girl,” Ife Alaba & King Sway (five-song EP; producers: Farai Gwasira, Ishmael “Kindah Dope” Pukuto, Ifeoluwa Alaba & Bunmi Gbadamosi; Hear here; IVO Ent LLC / King Sway Music)

“The Dream Is Free,” Joe Macre (original Crack the Sky bassist’s second solo album; Hear here; Cuppa Joe Records)

[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]NEW SONGS[/su_highlight] (click on title to stream)

Happiness, The 1975 |
48, Maxo feat. Pink Siifu |
Unbelievable, Butcher Brown |
Suspended Animation, Antonio Sánchez feat. Kimbra |
Ghost, SBTRKT feat. Leilah |
NORMA, Say She She |
Yard Man, PDAE |
Skateboard, Safiyah Hernandez |
Ones Before Me, Grace Leer (reached the Top 10 in season 18 of “American Idol”)
Idiot, Taylor Grey |
Anemone Sound, Ryan Bourne |
Systemic Pandemic, L.A Salami | See here
My Angel, Joe Barksdale
Fast Car, Phil Thornalley |
Zancudo, The Valery Trails |
One More Night, Tony Luke Jr.
No More Control, Eugene Kurolap
don’t let go, Braden Lam |

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[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]TODAY’S BIRTHDAYS[/su_highlight]

Tony Bennett (96)
Jimmie Nicol (83)
Beverly Lee (81)
John York (76)
Sally Oldfield (75)
B.B. Dickerson (73)
Ian Bairnson (69)
Lee Rocker (61)
Tasmin Archer (59)
James Hetfield (59)
Ed Roland (59)
Dean Sams (56)
Stephen Carpenter (52)
Gina G (52)
Spinderella (51)
Jimmy De Martini (46)
Holly Arnstein (37)
Brent Kutzle (37)
D.R.A.M. (34)

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[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]IN REMEMBRANCE[/su_highlight]

Margot Loyola (1918-2015)

Kenny Drew Jr. (1958-2014)

Bobby Hebb (1938-2010)

Arthur Lee (1945-2006)

Roger Voudouris (1954-2003)

[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]RANDOM LYRICS[/su_highlight]

“Don’t want a nation under the new media
And can you hear the sound of hysteria?”

[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]RELEASED ON AUG. 3 … IN 1969[/su_highlight]

“Green River,” Creedence Clearwater Revival (their third album was the second of three LPs they released in 1969, preceded by “Bayou Country” and followed by “Willy and the Poor Boys”; it reached No. 1 on the Billboard chart, powered by a pair of two-sided hits, “Bad Moon Rising / Lodi” and “Green River / Commotion”; producer: John Fogerty; Fantasy)

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[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]MUSIC HEADLINES[/su_highlight]

> Hit-and-Run Driver Who Killed Nicki Minaj’s Father Gets 1 Year in Jail: ‘Slap in the Face’ | USA TODAY

> Dolly Parton Among Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Winners | The Associated Press

> Prince’s Family and Advisers Settle Estate; Family Splits $6 Million | American Songwriter

[su_highlight background=”#f29999″]TOUR NEWS[/su_highlight] (see more Tour Dates)

> Sixth Annual Allman Family Revival Tour to Honor Gregg Allman This Fall | Rolling Stone