Here’s our weekly roundup of “New Songs: The Emerging Artists Edition” … just click the titles to hear a sample. Then follow along with our playlist at Spotify, or click on the player at the bottom of the page.

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Little Bird, East of June
One Day Left, LOVA
All I Wanted, Abby J Hall
Just Friends, Tim Gallagher
Do You Mind, Julia Cole
Lost in California, Kitty Coen
He’s Like a Habit, Ava Rowland
Hold My Drink, Winnie and The Rockettes
Here to Stay, Sheldon Hunt
Baby, You’re My Everything, MAN ON MAN
Palo Santo, Amanda Frances
NOT ME, davey feat. Sol
Cheap Gold, Josh Tavares
If It Wasn’t for the Storms, Taylon Hope
Rico Rico, Moral Distraída, Denise Rosenthal & Los Vasquez

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New Shoes, Tyra Jutai
Alone, Rocket Pengwin
God Save the City, Brad Brooks
Something Happened, The Big Lonesome
Nobody, Ian Storm
I Know What You Are, ConChie
Come Alive, Nazar
Cry No More (When Will You Be Mine), Heidi Anne
I Don’t Care, Dawson Gamble
Over, Edwin Arzu
SHINY, Sam Louis
Superkresen, Silja Sol
Freeway, Savannah Pope
The Unicorn Song, Rachel Lark
Ffoi, Ghostlawns
Straw Man, Dittomaster
Cancel Culture, Carver Commodore
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