turns 21 years old today (yea, we’re legal!) … come celebrate with us.

Here are 21 reasons why we love what we do and what keeps us doing it.

We have the best readers … they’re passionate about music and they’re incredibly respectful (I can’t remember any truly negative emails).

♫ We get to listen to music all day.

Elton John, Elton John, Elton John! (Here’s why)

♫ We are big supporters of new artists.

Getting to interview a big name is still a thrill.

♫ We’ve outlasted MySpace, AltaVista, GeoCities, HotWired, Gawker, Digg, Grooveshark,, Friendster, Xanga, Diaspora, Eons,, etc.

Money’s too tight to mention, but I’m not giving up on P&P. We are going to stick around, through thick and thin.

♫ The friendships I’ve made within the music industry and with our loyal readers.

Chart trivia and then some.

♫ Casey Kasem. He is and will always remain my inspiration.

Buying music. Period.

♫ My children … I’m passing along my love of music to them.

Incredibly grateful to Entertainment Weekly and any other publication that has written about P&P.

♫ Very thankful for my newspaper background, which taught me patience and tenacity. (A special thank you to my mentor, the late Dr. John Clarke, at THE Ohio State University.)

Even more grateful to family friend Mary Lou, a very special woman in my youth who helped mold my love for music, especially ’60s and ’70s soul.

♫ Also very thankful to have an appreciation for each decade and every genre.

The rush of hearing a great song for the first time and quickly sharing it with family and friends. (Like Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer.”)

♫ Putting this website together every day is a gift.

Music has kept me young – in my heart, mind and soul.

♫ I love lists.

Dare to dream … and dream big.

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