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Gift Guide: All the Cool Stuff

We scoured the Interweb for the coolest gadgets (and other stuff) for the music lovers in your life.

What we learned along the way: This Cool Stuff gift guide isn’t just for the holidays … heck, you can use this year-round.

Pioneer PL-990 Automatic Stereo Turntable – I used to love my Pioneer turntable, back in the dark ages of the 1980s. It was always reliable. The PL-990 is a throwback to those stereo days, with a built-in phono equalizer and the ability to connect directly to a line or auxiliary input.

Light-Up EQ Bluetooth Speaker – Uses LEDs as a visual equalizer based on the music played through two Bluetooth speakers. Also available as a SuperNova Light Cube.

Air LP Bluetooth Turntable – Now you can spin your vinyl cord-free, connecting wirelessly to any Bluetooth speaker system. With a USB cable and software, you can also convert your records into digital files.

HOCO EPB02 Bluetooth V4.0 Sport Earphone – Nifty headphones for sporty types. You can adjust the volume, switch songs freely, connect to two devices at the same time, and it has a built-in microphone.

Monoprice Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker – Perfect for a music source or a PA system, powered by a built-in amplifier, with a pair of RCA jacks and a microphone input.

GemTune GS01 Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier with Tubes – How cool is this amplifier? It provides firm and full mids, smooth highs and also deep lows.

iPhone 7 – The fastest performing, smartest and most colorful iPhone yet. Plus it has 3D Touch, two cameras that shoot as one and stereo speakers. (FYI: Check out all the nifty phone cases at,, and

LSTN Satellite Cherry Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker – For its small size (just 3 inches taller), these portable speakers pack a big sound. Features a built-in microphone for answering and ending phone calls and skipping tracks.

SpectraBoom – Wireless boombox with light-up speakers. Pick up a local FM station or stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device.

Firefly Pick – Do you play the guitar? This creates a light show while you’re strumming or plucking. The 10mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery can be recharged via a micro-USB cable. Available in a variety of colors.

Compact LP – With this 3-speed USB conversion turntable, you can play records at home or take it to a friend’s party. You can convert your vinyl to digital files. You can even hook up speakers to it.

Photon LP – This turntable, with a hinged dust cover, has built-in multicolor LED lighting, and with RCA and USB outputs, you can easily connect to your other gear.

Brookstone Active Noise Canceling Earphones – Blocks up to 90 percent of outside noise, so maybe you can actually get some work done without those distracting people around you.

Retro Cassette Tape Samsung Galaxy S4 Case – Man, I miss cassette tapes … well, now you can have a phone case that looks like a cassette. Coffee Mug – Heck, yeah. Have a cup of joe in an official Pauseandplay mug while you pore over our album release schedule. We have other goodies in our Zazzle store, such as T-shirts, iPhone cases and tablet holder. – Get a curated collection of cool items from the best pop culture franchises delivered to your door every month.

Lenovo Yoga 910 Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop – This 14-inch touch-screen laptop is sweet; it has Intel Core i7 processing, 8GB internal memory and a 256GB solid state drive.

Beats urBeats – In-ear headphones in a variety of colors (from space gray to silver) and ranging in price from $39.99 to $45.99.

Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones – Don’t let my 15-year-old daughter know about these limited-edition wireless headphones. Features a built-in microphone for taking phone calls, independently controlled color-changing accent lights, etc.

Big Blue Party™ Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – It has four built-in speakers (for every direction); it’s cordless and rechargeable and you can take it with you anywhere (dig that handle).

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