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Artist: Title: Label/Due date:
Beegie Adair “I Love Being Here With You: A Jazz Piano Tribute to Peggy Lee” (Hear here; MP3 Download) (Green Hill, Feb. 8, 2011)
Herb Alpert & Lani Hall “I Feel You” (includes covers of “Moondance” and “Fever”; Hear/read here; MP3 Download) (Concord, Feb. 8, 2011)
… And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead “Tao of the Dead” (producer: Chris “Frenchie” Smith; first single: “Summer of All Dead Souls”; Hear here; Vinyl) (Richter Scale/Superballmusic, Feb. 8, 2011)
Nicole Atkins “Mondo Amore” (Hear/read here; Vinyl; MP3 Download) (Razor & Tie, Feb. 8, 2011)
James Blake (British singer-dubstep producer) “James Blake [MP3 Download]” (producer: Blake; first single: “The Wilhelm Scream”; Hear here; See here) (Universal, Feb. 8, 2011)
Crowbar “Sever the Wicked Hand” (Hear here; Vinyl; MP3 Download) (Housecore, Feb. 8, 2011)
Cut Copy “Zonoscope” (Hear here; Vinyl; MP3 Download) (Modular, Feb. 8, 2011)
Gord Downie and the Country of Miracles “The Grand Bounce” (Downie is the frontman of The Tragically Hip; producer: Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla; Hear here) (Cobraside, Feb. 8, 2011)
Kurt Elling “The Gate” (producer: Don Was; Hear here; MP3 Download) (Concord, Feb. 8, 2011)
Halle Ford (violinist/singer /songwriter) “Pretty Girl” (producers: Halle & Matt Ford; first single: “Pretty Girl”; Hear here) (Halle Ford, Feb. 8, 2011)
Hawk Nelson “Crazy Love” (first single: “Crazy Love”; Hear here) (Tooth & Nail/BEC Recordings, Feb. 8, 2011)
Iration (Hawaiian-bred, Santa Barbara-based reggae sextet) “Fresh Grounds [MP3 Download]” (five-song EP; Hear here) (3 Prong/INgrooves, Feb. 8, 2011)
Kraddy (Matthew Katz of The Glitch Mob) “Labyrinth Remix Project [MP3 Download]” (six-song EP; Hear here) (Minotaur Recordings, Feb. 8, 2011)
Lisa Savidge (Phoenix-based indie-rock group) “Lisa Savidge” (producers: frontman Dan Somers, guitarist Ellery Keller, jalipaz; first single: “Appalachacha Pts. 1&2”; Hear here) (Black Cactus, Feb. 11, 2011)

BTW: “Honestly, I think the music fans are a whole lot smarter than they’ve been getting credit for lately — a theory we decided to test with this record,” Lisa Savidge singer Dan Somers says. “We just wanted to make an honest, emotive, powerful experience for the people that wanted more than a here-today, gone-tomorrow buzz sensation out of their music. Listening to it now as if for the first time … Well, I don’t know about selling a million copies or whatever it is we’re supposed to be wanting, but I do think it’s got all of the potential in the world to make a strong connection with those who would listen with an open mind.

“A lot of what I see as some of the most powerful forms of music have snuck by most peoples’ radars over the years — shoegaze and post-rock most notably — while others sort of fell by the wayside after becoming silly caricatures once the hit-making machine got their hands on on them – like prog, post-punk, and new wave. Consequently, those were the main tools we went for when making this record … Seeing if we couldn’t give the music we love a chance to shine again in a new form.

“I know that this all sounds terribly pretentious, but I promise it isn’t. Ambitious, absolutely, but for the most part it’s actually very straightforward. Being honest in your music also means not being above simple pop songs when they’re appropriate — and most of all — not talking down to your audience or the world in general…”

Theophilus London “Lovers Holiday [MP3 Download]” (five-song EP; guests: Sara Quin, Solange Knowles, Devonte Hynes; Hear here) (Warner, Feb. 8, 2011)
Jessica Lea Mayfield “Tell Me” (producer: The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach; Hear here; Vinyl; MP3 Download) (Nonesuch, Feb. 8, 2011)
Motörhead “The Wörld Is Yours [CD/DVD]” (released in the U.K. in December 2010; producer: Cameron Webb; Hear here; Read here) (UDR, Feb. 8, 2011)
Nude “Fearless Generation [MP3 Download]” (producers: Tony Karlsson, Bobby Amaro; first single: “Hero”; Hear here) (Nude, Feb. 10, 2011)
Over the Rhine “The Long Surrender” (producer: Joe Henry; guest: Lucinda Williams; Hear here; Vinyl; MP3 Download) (Great Speckled Dog, Feb. 8, 2011)
Jon Secada “Otra vez” (Hear here) (Pyramid Media, Feb. 8, 2011)
Brad Shepik Quartet “Across the Way” (Hear here; MP3 Download) (Songlines, Feb. 8, 2011)
Teddy Thompson “Bella” (producer: David Kahne; Hear here; MP3 Download) (Verve Forecast, Feb. 8, 2011)
Thompson Square (husband-and-wife country duo) “Thompson Square” (first single: “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not”; Hear here) (Broken Bow, Feb. 8, 2011)
Various artists “NOW That’s What I Call Music! 37” (20 songs; MP3 Download) (Capitol/EMI, Feb. 8, 2011)
Various artists “The Sing-Off: The Best of Season 2” (Epic, Feb. 8, 2011)
Various artists “Waylon — The Music Inside: A Collaboration Dedicated to Waylon Jennings, Volume I” (contributors: Shooter Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Jamey Johnson, Randy Houser, Alabama, James Otto, John Hiatt, etc.; Hear/read here) (Scatter, Feb. 8, 2011)
Wailin’ Jennys, The “Bright Morning Stars” (producers: Mark Howard, David Travers-Smith; Hear here; MP3 Download) (Red House, Feb. 8, 2011)
Anna Waronker (formerly of That Dog) “California Fade” (producer: Waronker; guests: Pat Smear, Josh Klinghoffer, Steven McDonald, Joey Waronker, Smokey Hormel, Tanya Haden, Ryan MacMillan, Gabe Witcher; Hear here) (Five-Foot-Two, Feb. 8, 2011)
Alex Winston “Sister Wife [MP3 Download]” (producers: The Knocks, Charlie Hugall; first single: “Locomotive”; Hear here; See here) (HeavyRoc Music, Feb. 8, 2011)
Yanni “Truth of Touch” (his first instrumental release of original compositions in more than eight years; Hear here; MP3 Download) (YanniWake/Rocket Science, Feb. 8, 2011)


Artist: Title: Label/Due date:
Bonzo Dog Band “A Dog’s Life: The Albums 1967-1972 [MP3 Download]” (72 songs) (EMI, Feb. 8, 2011)
Miles Davis “Bitches Brew Live” (recorded July 5, 1969, at the Newport Jazz Festival, with three previously unissued tracks; MP3 Download) (Columbia/Legacy, Feb. 8, 2011)
Dixon House Band “Fighting Alone” (1979 album; remastered) (Renaissance, Feb. 8, 2011)
Placido Domingo “The Very Best of Placido Domingo” (2 CDs, 39 songs; MP3 Download) (EMI Classics, Feb. 8, 2011)
Joe Farrell “Penny Arcade” (1973 album; remastered), “Upon This Rock” (1974 album; remastered), “Canned Funk” (1975 album; remastered) (Wounded Bird, Feb. 8, 2011)
Roberta Flack “Feel Like Makin’ Love [MP3 Download]” (1974 album) (Atlantic/Rhino, Feb. 8, 2011)
Stan Getz Quintets “The Clef & Norgran Studio Albums” (3 CDs, 45 songs; Read here; MP3 Download) (Hip-O Select, Feb. 8, 2011)
Shooter Jennings & Hierophant “Black Ribbons: Deluxe Edition” (2010 album; Bullet Version) (429, Feb. 8, 2011)
Howard Jones “The 12″ Album” (six extended mixes of hits) (Wounded Bird, Feb. 8, 2011)
Lovin’ Spoonful, The “Do You Believe in Magic + Daydream” (1965, 1966 albums on one CD; remastered), “What’s Up Tiger Lily? + Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonful” (1966 albums on one CD; remastered) (U.K. – Demon, Feb. 7, 2011)
Steve Miller Band “Book of Dreams” (1977 album; remastered), “Circle of Love” (1981 album; remastered) (U.K. – Edsel, Feb. 7, 2011)
Woody Shaw “Woody III” (1979 album; remastered) (Wounded Bird, Feb. 8, 2011)
Frank Sinatra “Best of Vegas” (17 live recordings) (Concord, Feb. 8, 2011)
Michael Stanley Band “Michael Stanley” (1973 album; includes the original “Rosewood Bitters”), “Heartland” (1980 album), “You Can’t Fight Fashion” (1984 album; includes “My Town”), “Shadowland” (2009 album; Hear here) (Renaissance, Feb. 8, 2011)
Thin Lizzy “Jailbreak: Deluxe Edition” (1976 album; remastered, with a second CD of bonus material) (Mercury/UMe, Feb. 8, 2011)
Dino Valenti (late singer of Quicksilver Messenger Service) “Get Together” (previously unreleased recordings; MP3 Download) (, Feb. 8, 2011)
Various artists “NOW That’s What I Call the Modern Songbook” (18 classics by current artists; MP3 Download) (Mercury/UMe, Feb. 8, 2011)


Artist: Title: Label/Due date:
B-52’s, The “Live Germany 1983 [DVD]” (Hudson Street, Feb. 8, 2011)
Leonard Cohen “The Early Years [DVD]” (United States of Dist./Ka, Feb. 8, 2011)
Billy Joel, et al “The Last Play at Shea [DVD]” (documentary on the July 2008 concert; guests: Sting, Christie Brinkley, John Mayer, Garth Brooks, Tony Bennett, etc.; See here) (Lions Gate, Feb. 8, 2011)
Carole King “Live in London 1975 [DVD]” (Hudson Street, Feb. 8, 2011)

Music Books

Subject/ Author(s): Title: Publisher/Due date:
Bob Dylan “The Gospel According to Bob Dylan: The Old, Old Story of Modern Times [Paperback]” (author: Michael J. Gilmour) (Westminster John Knox Press, Feb. 8, 2011)
Jon Glaser “My Dead Dad Was in ZZ Top: 100% Real,* Never Before Seen Documents from the World of Rock and Roll [Paperback]” (Kindle) (Harper Perennial, Feb. 8, 2011)

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