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Published on April 26th, 2021 | by Gerry Galipault


Evanescence Singer Amy Lee: 4 Things You Need to Know

If you belong to the ’90s era, you might have jammed to songs like “Bring Me to Life” with your friends lots of time. Being a rock music fan and a weakling for beautiful faces, Amy Lee is one of my most favorite artists. While the gothic rock band took some time off the music, they are finally starting to record their new album (“The Bitter Truth,” released on March 26), which has gotten their fans hyped up. If you have been disconnected from their music, now is the perfect time to get back to it and start vibing to those awesome lyrics and guitar riffs. To make things more interesting, I am going to highlight some unknown facts about Amy Lee as she describes her hibernation period so that the fan can get to know the Amy they love and adore so much.

How Being a Parent Changed Her

Some of the Evanescence fans don’t know it, but the group went hiatus when they had some legal issues with their label. As they were having difficulty releasing music, Amy went on a solo project that included a children’s album. Here being a mom played a huge part in it as she wanted to do something for her child. According to her, being a mother forced her to handle different tasks, which made her even better at what she does. Motherhood gave her a fresh perspective on life and helped her think of new ideas for music.

Her Lyric Writing Process

Evanescence is pretty popular for its emotional and heart-touching lyrics and rock music. Amy describes her music-making process as an unfiltered and raw thought of her mind. There is specifically no process to her writing as she pretty much does whatever thoughts are coming into her brain and then makes melodies based on these thoughts. First, she comes up with musical ideas and melodies, and then she continues to write the lyrics.

How They Made the Band So Unique

Evanescence used to be one of the most popular and unique bands in the 2000s as they were making music that no one else was. There was this whole combination of dark lyrics, rock melodies, and the soothing voice of Amy that made them stand out. The band also covered a lot of songs that most fans love than the original.

Their ability to turn existing songs into their own is extremely incredible, which is why they have so many fans. If you are looking for bands like Evanescence, here is a list for you so that you can find someone with the same approach to music as them.

Her Thoughts on the New Evanescence Album

Just like most of the bands that were active in the past, Evanescence has been very off from the scene and stopped making a lot of music. The issues with the label company and the legal disputes put a very hard stop to what they were doing, and most band members went their own way. However, recently the band announced that they were going to make a comeback with a new album in 2020.

“The Bitter Truth,” containing 12 tracks, got delayed till March 26, 2021, due to the coronavirus, but they still haven’t released it yet. While the full album hasn’t been released yet, the band has given its band what they promised by releasing a few songs that are available on YouTube. Amy describes the new album as dark and heavy, just like their old music used to be. They have done a lot of experimenting with their music and hope that their fans are going to like it.

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