DJ Soul Slinger wants you to buy his CD, “Ecosystem – The Brazilian Joint,” not only for its showcase of talented Brazilian producers and DJs, but to help save the Amazon rainforest.

Carlos Slinger (a.k.a. Soul Slinger), who founded the New York-based Liquid Sky Music and Liquid Sky D-Sign, hopes to spread the word through “Ecosystem – The Brazilian Joint” (released May 20 via Unity Productions) and his third annual Ecosystem festival, slated for August.

In a recent e-mail interview, the Brazilian native discusses the CD and the noble cause that is so close to his heart.

Pause & Play – What was your manifesto for this album, a goal you wanted to achieve?

Slinger – “I wanted to raise awareness of the annual festival, Ecosystem, which takes place in the Brazilian rainforest, aligned with the full moon in August. This year, it is from Aug. 14-17. Also, the music/artists I chose are so hot (this type of Brazilian drum and bass is so distinctive) that it would have been released anyway, by someone else. The music is perfect for the summer. And finally, I have been involved in producing and remixing a lot of ‘Brazilian Soundz’ from day one. For example, ‘Ethiopia,’ which is the first American jungle track (Liquid Sky – 1993) is a ‘ Brazilian olodum beat’ over a 303 bass line, and ‘Jungle Bossa Nova,’ later remix to ‘Chega de Saudade’ (1994 – SMILE), uses samples of Mr. Joao Gilberto, the godfather of bossa nova.”

P&P – How did you find this 13-year-old singer Janaina Lima, who appears on the track “Chuva”?

Slinger – “She is actually not 13. I said in an interview she was ‘ a little girl’ and people understood she was young! What I tried to say she was small (size)! Regardless, she has great talent and she lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is also part of a new band call Kaleidoscopio, which Ramilson Maia produces. They are touring with famous singer/composer Gilberto Gil.”

P&P – What will it take to get national exposure for “Ecosystem – The Brazilian Joint” in the U.S.?

Slinger – “Not sure. But I believe that this CD is a great start. It would be good if we could really get massive e-mail information to people and get more support from everyone who cares. Especially eco-friendly organizations.”

P&P – Tell us about the Ecosystem festival.

Slinger – “The festival happens on an abandonded quarry, close to the airport, surrounded by lucious rainforest. We bring in the best sound system. It is from Holland. Both past events were very special. For the first one, we had 60 international DJs And 40 ‘locals,’ including Randall, Krust, Aphrodite, DJ Krush, Ken Ishii, Afu Ra, Zion I, State of Bengal, Suba Dream Band and so many more. For Eco2, we had Afrika Bambaataa, Mad Professor, All Urban Takeover Crew, Ken Ishii and Soul Slinger, of course. This year, we have no budget. Some artists are going to pay all expenses themselves. We will have a lot more hot Brazilian acts this year, local heroes and nationals.”

P&P – What’s the current state of the rainforest? Is there hope?

Slinger – “The Amazon rainforest is being destroyed every day. First, companies burn the smallest trees and vegetation so they can ‘take’ the big wood (mahogany, etc.). Then they plant grasses for cattle. These big projects are sponsored by banks and huge cattle and wood lobby. Those areas become a desert in 10 years. Then they move on. That means a lot has been destroyed already. Maybe 4 percent a year is a conservative figure. But there is still a lot of rainforest. Especially in the Amazon rainforest. Many special ‘reserves’ with millions and millions of acres and preserved territories and Indian land are being demarcated by this actual government. So, yes, there’s lots of hope and we need to show to people the ‘cycle of destruction’ and an alternative cycle that sustains instead of destroys. These alternatives were presented many times and are available – and are explained at the festival.”

P&P – What would you say to people who have the attitude of “What’s happening to the rainforest is not my problem”?

Slinger – “Be aware that 60 percent of the water reservoir lies below the Amazon ‘complex.’ We’ll see when we have to pay for water like gasoline prices. And no more wind and rain cycles all around the planet because all wind (weather system) start on the Equator, etc. Same way it is happening in the poles now. Planet Earth is one. If you touch, destroy and pollute any place, it will reflect on the whole.”

P&P – What can people do, individually, to help?

Slinger – “Buy the CD! 25 percent of profits go to Ecosystem3. Be aware of how much harm our actual system of living is doing to our people and to our future. Do not buy ‘luxury woods’ like mahogany, etc. They are banned of commerce; it is illegal. Be aware that the Amazon has more variety of plants and herbs than anywhere else on planet Earth. And all are being patented by Swiss, German and American drug and pharmaceutical companies. So, real cheap cures are no longer available.”