New stuff (CDs / vinyl)

Artist:Title:Label/Due date:
Pentatonix (2013 third-season winner of NBC’s “The Sing-Off”)“PTX, Volume 1” (debut EP, released in 2012; Hear here; MP3), “PTX, Vol. II” (MP3)(Madison Gate)

New stuff (MP3s)

Artist:Title:Label/Due date:
The Roccos“Oil & Clay [MP3]” (debut EP, released in 2012; Hear here)(New Frame, Dec. 30)
The Village“Welcome to the Village [MP3]”(The Village, Jan. 1)

Reissues (CDs / vinyl)

Artist:Title:Label/Due date:
Janis Joplin“The ’60s: Janis Joplin”(Columbia)
Dean Martin“The ’60s: Dean Martin”(Columbia)

Reissues (MP3s)

Artist:Title:Label/Due date:
Rosemary Clooney“Rosemary Clooney Sings Country Hits from the Heart [MP3]” (1963 album)(RCA / Legacy)
Homer & Jethro“Ooh, That’s Corny [MP3]” (1963 album)(RCA / Legacy)
Paul Revere & the Raiders“Mojo Workout! [MP3]” (54-song compilation of 1963-65 live recordings), “Here They Come! [MP3]” (1965 album), “Just Like Us! [MP3]” (1966 album; featuring “Just Like Me” and “Action”), “Midnight Ride [MP3]” (1966 album; featuring “Kicks”), “The Spirit of ’67 [MP3]” (1966 album; with three bonus tracks; featuring “Good Thing” and “Hungry”), “Revolution! [MP3]” (1967 album; featuring “I Had a Dream” and “”Him or Me [What’s It Gonna Be?]”), “Goin’ to Memphis [MP3]” (1968 album), “Something Happening [MP3]” (1968 album), “Collage [MP3]” (1970 album), “Country Wine [MP3]” (1972 album; with 11 bonus tracks)(Columbia / Legacy)
Sons of the Pioneers“Trail Dust [MP3]” (1963 album), “Hymns of the Cowboy [MP3]” (1963 album)(RCA / Legacy)

DVD / Blu-ray

Artist:Title:Label/Due date:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson“Don Jon [DVD]” (2013 film; Blu-ray)(20th Century Fox)
Alan Rickman, et al“CBGB [DVD]” (2013 film; Blu-ray)(Xlrator)

Music books

Subject/ Author(s):Title:Publisher/Due date:
Timothy J. Cooley“Surfing About Music [Paperback]” (Kindle)(University of California Press, Jan. 2)
Edward W. Sarath“Improvisation, Creativity, and Consciousness: Jazz as Integral Template for Music, Education, and Society [Paperback]”(State University of New York Press, Jan. 2)
Taylor Swift“Taylor Swift: The Whole Story [Kindle]” (author: Chas Newkey-Burden)(HarperCollins, Dec. 30)

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