Music has always been an important part of human life. It is one of the primary means of creative exploration both for the creator and the listener.

Music is our common passion, but what sets us apart is what kind of music we listen to. Everyone likes music, but it’s fair to admit that youngsters are the main drivers of musical trends, and they are the ones that the artists are primarily trying to please.

Let’s explore five music genres that modern students are into these days.


Electronic music is colloquially known as dance music or house music. It consists of loud, high-frequency beats that are particularly fit for nightclubs and dance parties. Electronic music is fluid in that DJs can make up beats right there on the spot. This genre of music debuted in the late 1980s and early 1990s when the club culture started to take off.

Electronic music is highly popular among young lovers of active fun and feels right at home in any partying scenario. It is already customary for students worldwide to buy essay online for their upcoming assignments and pull an all-nighter of clubbing fueled by the deafening sound of loud beats.

Hip hop

Rap music has always been associated with coolness and rebellion, things so close to the teenage spirit. Over-the-top music videos featuring unrestrained extravagance, references to drugs & alcohol, dirty lyrics, and lascivious overtone have always been so dear to the hearts of youngsters.

Rap music appeals to and encourages the most basic instincts and cravings of a human being, which might seem morally low but serve as a satisfying outlet from a seemingly bowdlerized and restrictive rest of the world.

Hip hop will never go out of fashion as it fills this unique niche.

Pop Music

Pop music is this list’s obvious feature. It literally abbreviates popular music and whatever is popular at any given time is what falls in this category. Pop songs are the first music of choice that is all around us. They are what you will find in cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, and gyms. They are inherently geared towards a wide audience and are appreciated by everyone, regardless of race, age, gender, or values.

Calling pop music a genre blurs what a genre is. Since pop music simply includes whatever the masses are into at a given time, it’s not a genre in itself and instead combines many different genres within. This makes it the most versatile and workable choice for an artist and a listener. If we are talking about which genres will persevere over others, place your bets on pop music, as it literally can’t go out of fashion.


Some students like to listen to music while they work. Rock, along with classical music, is very fitting for this purpose. To most, music may seem distracting and incompatible with studying, but soothing background noise from some light rock helps many students concentrate while reading or practicing their writing skills. Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and many other music legends were all practitioners of rock music.

This music genre will never lose its flare and will always have its dedicated audience.


Thought country music was only for old people, didn’t you? We, along with many students worldwide, would beg to differ.

This is one of the earliest types of contemporary American popular music. It originated in the southeastern parts of the United States as a fusion of African American blues, church music, and British Isles folk music. Acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, and banjo are the main instruments that give it its distinctive sound.

Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Garth Brooks are just a few shining examples of this legendary branch of music.

Country music only seems old-fashioned because it’s supposed to be by design. It has stood the test of time and has never shown any signs of dying out.

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