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Published on February 23rd, 2013 | by Gerry Galipault


Jan. 3, 2013


(Jan. 3, 2013)

So First World Records hits me up for the first time with this amazing album just before New Year’s Eve and let’s just say I’m blown away by it. Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra just released their second album “Towards Other Worlds” and it’s exactly that. Holy shit! Does music or video get better than this — with homage to Fela Kuti, free jazz, and the cosmic philosopher Sun Ra? Welcome to 2013!

Next up, some more otherworldly shit coming out next Tuesday worldwide is “Fragile Things,” the Ubiquity Records debut by French producer/beatsmith Dandy Teru. It’s cosmic philosophy broken down to it’s simple and finer parts. It’s eloquent yet real, like Voltaire and Rousseau brought to you by John Locke’s record label heard through Ralph Waldo Emerson’s possibly non-existent gramophone. I recommend you simply pre-order today. Break out that gift card you got for Festivus, buy the digi. Then, snatch some limited pressed vinyl in time for a Valentine’s Day gift …

So I’m all like, “yo JKriv, your productions and edits are banging” and most of the party DJ universe already agrees and then I’m like “well I’m going to write about it” and he’s all like “nah don’t worry about it” and today I’m like “hey, Pause & Play readers, fuck JKriv cause this shit’s hot and you can download it free right now …”

Lastly, this is not so much a throwback as much as a throw-up … We started with some Fela roots in this edition and on New Year’s Eve when I was playing with Dynasty Electric who are not only some of my favorite most loving people on the face of this bright universe but are simply the real deal … like, see ’em live and be transported back and forth between some cylindrical, spherical acid-trip like experience where you’re watching Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger and Grace Slick have a threesome on stage and it falls over onto the dancefloor and then you realize you’re watching Jenny Electrik and Seth Misterka and it’s 2013 in Williamsburg at the center of the beginning of the new world and just how real can a band get? See them live for the answer. And for now, hit their Soundcloud page for a ridiculous amount of free downloads. Is it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or quite simply Sunrise? It’s Sunrise! Happy New Year …

And if you’re feeling like an extended mix to carry you through the week, or at least the next hour and a half, here’s the board recording from my opening set for Femi Kuti, one of Fela’s most musically famous sons. For another cosmic reason, this show was a hot-topic at the NYE 2013 party I played with Dynasty Electric, ’cause we extend Jordan in Jax a very big thank you for flying to NYC from Florida to spend NYE dancing with us … all because of this April 26th, 2011 show right here …


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